February 15, 2014

How do you deal with a big problem? Find a solution for it and focus on what should be done. Not be childish and accuse other people because you think they judge you from what you've done.  

Who cares about what other people think? 

Cry, say sorry, (and at least) be humble in facing the people you have done wrong for. The important thing to do now is think about what you should do to things/people you can not control. You can never control other people especially when you've done something wrong to them. Worse case scenario, you might never please them and they might never want to give you an exception. So, instead of blabbing about what others think and say about you, focus on how you will deal with where you are right now.

I think you are in the very right age to be responsible enough to solve your problems without making others feel bad. Also, please stop belittling other people. You don't have the right to step on them; on us. Face your fears, face your problems; face the people you have done wrong for because you don't want it to be worse.

Take advantage of this situation as an experience to learn from your mistakes. I have many questions regarding where this and that went but what do I care much about those? I am just concerned. Even though I have so many odd experiences with you, I am concerned because it's a family thing. So please do your best to make it right. At least make it morally right.

What would Papa do? If my Papa is still alive right now, I bet he would also suggest you to make it morally right. What would Mama say? If my Mama is still alive right now, I bet she would say the same.


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    oh, judgement. it's a tricky thing. try to expand it. try not to judge people for judging you either. deep down it's a sign that we all judge ourselves. only people who are truly at peace with themselves never judge others. be kind and forgiving to others but also to yourself. we all make mistakes. and we all sometimes lash out at others. own up to your own emotions, that's the hardest part about all of this xoxo

  2. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Yes, when problems arise you need to ask yourself whether you're part of the problem or part of the solution. It's not always easy though when one is entangled in a tricky situation. Best is not to care too much and just accept what is.


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