February 10, 2014

2014: Northern Mindanao Road Trip (Second Day)

This day was the first wedding anniversary of my brother and Ate Anna. They have decided to go to Twin Hearts Resort located in Misamis Oriental together with some of Ate Anna's family! We woke up early in the morning in a very quiet and cold place. It was a very good morning to be in.

They rented a whole jeepney to ride on. The photo below was taken along Butuan-Cagayan-Iligan road. Twin Hearts is located approximately 43 kms from their house where we stayed in most of time. :)

Kenru, Ate Anna's nephew, rode with us in the car! He is a clever, talkative, and funny little kid.

The place was very nice and it was jam-packed!

My sister and I roamed around the area most of the time. There were so many big rocks and my sister said they are still growing. I don't know if rocks do grow. Is it true?

There wasn't too many people at the back so we decided to walk along the concrete fence. We found a river and wondered if Lolong, the longest captive crocodile, walked along here once. Hehe. Some kids went beyond the fence. My sister and I wanted to go down but there was no possible way to do so unless you really try~


We went back to Gran Europa and found a very nice park! We made a stop at a mini mart and found some longboard riders who let me borrow their board for a very slow&boring push. Haha!


My sister and I sometimes talk about buying a house like this and like that whenever we watch television, read magazines, or in the car. That time, though, we talked about it endlessly because the place is just so nice!

We went back to their place and drank some coffee and ate some bread in their front yard!

My brother and Ate Anna! :)

It was a good day overall. I am happy that we get to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and mingled with some of their relatives. It was a great day and a relaxing one!

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  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    What a lovely day out! It looks like all of you had great fun.


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