February 9, 2014

2014: Northern Mindanao Road Trip (First Day)

The first vacation for the year 2014 was in Cagayan de Oro City which is located North of Mindanao, Philippines. We traveled by land from Davao City at 8 in the morning and reached the place around 4:30 in the afternoon. It was a long, joyful ride with Kuya Mel, Ate Aking, and Ate Aling. So fun!

We traveled along Davao-Bukidnon road. Stopped over at Marilog district to take photos with Eagles and Lumad statues which represent the Davao Eagle and Davao region natives (Lumad) respectively. The weather was sunny with cold wind. It was so cold that we did not even close the windows while driving along the district.

Another stop over at Seagull Resort. It was my first time to be around the place but I have heard that it's a great place to stay in! We did not went inside the resort though but their coffee shop was very nice. I felt like I was somewhere in Europe~ because of the music and the vibes~

A native (or indigenous) woman approached us. She was selling some handmade bracelets.

Along Davao-Bukidnon highway

We did not really know which way to go especially when there are intersections and if there are any other shortcuts so we relied on iPhone's GPS. Since there was no stable cell site along the way, we could not use Google Maps directly. Also, technology fails sometimes... so we got lost at one point of the journey. Thanks to the man who parked his car along the highway (because he was peeing at the back lol) for showing us where to go. :)



My uncle Tiyo Perry, my father's eldest brother, who lives in Bohol, was my text mate that day. It's just so amazing how he knows exactly where we go. From the sequence of the place/district and what time would we reach Cagayan de Oro when I said we stopped over at Manolo Fortich to eat some fresh sweet corn along the highway. He said around 4:30 in the afternoon, and yep he was right! Amazing!


The golden sunshine in Sayre Highway
 Finally, we reached Cagayan de Oro city after almost 9 hours! It is called as "The City of Golden Friendship".

Along the busy main streets in the city, we passed by these two little kids, who probably are best friends, eating their ice cream in the middle of the street. I wonder what they were talking about and what made them decide to stay there. I think it's cute and memorable, and golden. Twenty years from now, they would probably look back at this moment (or the moments) they spent here, right in this spot. I am very glad to capture that precious moment for them. Ha, these kids smiled at me when I smiled at them after taking a photo. How cute! A city of Golden Friendship, indeed!

We stopped by at the SM Cagayan de Oro to meet my brother Junjun and his wife Ate Anna. :)

We reached their home and had dinner together with Ate Anna's family! It was a great day spent with lovely people, beautiful mountainside views, and being with people who are very welcoming! :)


  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Sounds like quite an adventure! Thanks for sharing the beautiful sights and experience of this trip.

  2. Anonymous6:42 PM

    looks like a fun trip xoxo


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