December 31, 2013

Last message for the year 2013!

2013 is leaving in just a few hours and I am thankful for it to end. I feel a mix of emotions looking back through the days. I am thankful for the bad experiences from people who constantly try to make me feel sad because they make me strong despite the tears I have shed. I am very much thankful for the memorable experiences I have throughout the whole year which made me hopeful to more better days! Thankful for the little simplest (abstract or not) things I have received from people who care. Thankful for the people I know and strangers who were nice to me in those few moments within the year. Thankful for the few friends I have and the few relatives who share their joys with me, who lifts me up, and guides me through. I have no other words to say but I am graciously leaving the whole year with a smile. Life is still great and my faith is strong that I still hold on to it and try to live life to the fullest. Although sometimes certain instances make me go moody and mad and cranky but I try to handle things lightly again as much as possible.

I can't say 2014 would be much better but I am certain that things will work out the way the universe wants it to be. (Hurrah! for uncertainties!) I just hope it will be full of positivity and that I still gather strength the same way I am doing for the past years.

I am good. I just need a little more bravery. Cheers to 2014! Happy New Year to all! :)

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