December 31, 2013

Last message for the year 2013!

2013 is leaving in just a few hours and I am thankful for it to end. I feel a mix of emotions looking back through the days. I am thankful for the bad experiences from people who constantly try to make me feel sad because they make me strong despite the tears I have shed. I am very much thankful for the memorable experiences I have throughout the whole year which made me hopeful to more better days! Thankful for the little simplest (abstract or not) things I have received from people who care. Thankful for the people I know and strangers who were nice to me in those few moments within the year. Thankful for the few friends I have and the few relatives who share their joys with me, who lifts me up, and guides me through. I have no other words to say but I am graciously leaving the whole year with a smile. Life is still great and my faith is strong that I still hold on to it and try to live life to the fullest. Although sometimes certain instances make me go moody and mad and cranky but I try to handle things lightly again as much as possible.

I can't say 2014 would be much better but I am certain that things will work out the way the universe wants it to be. (Hurrah! for uncertainties!) I just hope it will be full of positivity and that I still gather strength the same way I am doing for the past years.

I am good. I just need a little more bravery. Cheers to 2014! Happy New Year to all! :)

December 10, 2013

Oruha's Mandala Art Exhibit: A Light in the Dark at SM Lanang Premier

Japanese artist Oruha showcases her very first international Mandala art exhibition at SM Lanang Premier Atrium. It holds Charity Painting sessions for the benefit of the typhoon Yolanda survivors which will be held at 2:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 7:30 pm from December 9-13, 2013. A Light in the Dark exhibit presents one of a kind Mandala art pieces to the Filipino audience. 

She is from Akashi, Japan and attended Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. In 2011, she came upon Mandala art and ever since she has drawn more than 1,000 Mandala artworks and has held solo exhibits in Japan. It is her dream to have an exhibit overseas and has chosen Davao City, Philippines as her first stop. The following photos are some of her framed masterpieces.

A Light in the Dark

What is Mandala? Mandala art is from Sanskrit meaning "vessels of essence." For Oruha, it signifies the universe and the infinite existence, the earth and nature, ourselves, and together with these. It helps us to connect with our origin.

Dragon's Eyes

Dreams Come True
The Sun
Water Flow

During the Charity Painting session, Oruha gracefully interacts with her audience as she works on new Mandala art pieces.

For some reason, it was comforting while watching her paint. Every stroke of her pen, every color she chose, every detail of each and every whole pieces... everything is visually appealing.

Each of us were given one art piece to write our messages on for the typhoon-hit communities. 

These are just some of the unique art pieces she made for the day. It was difficult for me to choose because apparently everything looks beautiful. Each whole symbol has its own title written at the back.

Smile... everything will be alright. There is hope is our hearts.

 This is a collage of different Mandala art by Oruha. It has messages of hope from Japanese to Filipino people. It's called "Mandala of Hope."

During her speech, she recalled the recent earthquake in Japan. She said Filipinos were there giving them words of wisdom and hope every day and now she wants to give back the same support to the Filipino community in her own ways. 

Jonas, Oruha, Duane, and me
Come and visit Oruha's exhibit and witness her Charity Painting sessions at SM Lanang Premier Atrium. Be impressed by her Mandala art pieces and extend help for the typhoon Yolanda survivors. The event is co-organized by SM Lanang Premier, Nakashin, CCC, Sandglass Media and Carpenter Frames. Also, supported by the Japanese Consulate in Davao City.

December 5, 2013

Royal Flush by Scott Bartlett

A book full of wit. The story revolves around The King whose actions and reactions to almost everything he does are funny. I enjoyed reading this book!

Thanks Goodreads First Reads and Scott Bartlett for such a witty, good vibes, book! :)
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