November 9, 2013

Little Boracay, Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur

A spontaneous road trip became a spontaneous overnight stay at Little Boracay resort in Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. Traveling in between mountains and ended up in a beautiful and silent beach was amazing. Also, I was with my family. It was a great experience. :)

On the road, we spotted a tree house and some huts being sold at 20 to 40 thousand pesos each. Look at the tree house, you can easily take some Nangka or Jackfruit (which is so good) so easily. That's my dream tree house right there, ladies and gentleman.

We were being girl scouts and boy scouts that time. We brought packed food with us from home and ate along the road. We spotted an open cottage along the highway and asked the owner if we can use it for a while. Spotted this sleepy cat inside the cottage despite the smell of food we brought.

The cottage was surrounded by different kinds of flowers. One of them is this beautiful pink Gumamela!

Traveling somewhere in between large mountains, long rivers, and over bridges. The scenes were refreshing to the soul, really.

After a zigzag ride, we finally found what we were looking for! The best beach resort in the province of Sta. Maria yet. I have never been to Boracay though but this could be much better. ;)

Mad'yaw pag datung mayo asini Little Boracay! || Maayong pag-abot ninyo diri sa Little Boracay! || (and for the lack of words, lol) Welcome to Little Boracay!

I noticed that the island looked like a sleeping dinosaur. 

Of course, jump shots!

Setting up tents, tables, and food. It was starting to get dark.

My cousin named this dog as Blackie just because it turns around when it hears the name. It was fond of chasing crabs along the shore at night which amused us. 

This was our territory throughout the night.

We did some sand art just because we are bad at making sand castles.

The next morning, my cousin caught this beautiful Gecko. 

Also, the locals were starting to clean the area. The kids were playing along with the trolley or something.

The place was so serene. Fleet Foxes' songs were playing on my mind that morning.

It was a good overnight stay with the family. I was not expecting such adventure that day. It was kind of surprising, really, despite their busy work schedules.


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