November 7, 2013

23rd birthday

(I am two months late in writing about my birthday which was on September 8. Ha!)

Unlike my past birthday celebrations, this year I celebrated it away from home for a while. I aimed to make 23 things because I am turning 23. There was no reason behind it except that I was trying to make it more exciting since it was my first time to spend my birthday away from home. I have the same birthday as my brother, who is fourteen years older, so there was a little party in the evening. It was difficult to choose what I will put in the list so mostly the things I did were the ones that I can do easily within the city. Although I tried to go away from town, the weather did not  allow me to do so.

Here are the things that I managed to do: paint my nails red, catch the sunrise in a park, visit Lon Wa Buddhist Temple, light candles and say prayers, buy donuts, buy a book in a book sale, buy flowers and visit parents at the memorial park, visit shrine hills, have a pina colada shake, play at World of Fun, buy macaroons, watch a movie, buy a red lipstick, get a lottery ticket, drink wine, eat apples, eat cake, and sleep with balloons in bed. Nineteen things only. But it's okay. I had fun! :)

Along the way, in between places, I have some notable experiences with strangers who were also busy walking and traveling around the city with me. Around 8:15 in the morning, while on my way to the temple, a woman sitting beside me in a jeepney, who seems to be a grandmother, was carrying a  birthday cake with an eight-shaped candle. I actually stared at it and she smiled at me.

A security guard at Lon Wa Temple was kind enough to tour me around the place. Also, explaining things like a tourist guide. He worked there for almost two decades so he knew everything and everyone inside. Aside from being a security guard and a tourist guide, he was also my photographer. Thanks, Mr. Cervantes!

On my way to the church, I saw a couple kissing as the guy leaves his girl for a jeepney ride. And he sat opposite to me, smiling.

A candle vendor at San Pedro church gave me one peso discount because I told her it was my birthday. I also asked her the meanings of each color of the candle I bought. Which I forgot when I lighted them altogether but no worries.

Bought three orange flowers and lighted a candle for my parents.

I went home in the afternoon and was greeted by my brothers' friends and my family. Pumped some balloons and took a nap. Watched a movie with my cousin and ate some sweets. It was a laid back birthday for me -- totally the opposite of what I am used to and I kind of like it. :)


  1. It looks like a wonderful day! I'm glad you documented it :) Happy birthday, a bit late

    1. Yes, it was a great day! Thank you, Sonya! :)

  2. Anonymous9:26 PM

    well, happy belated birthday :) sounds like you had a great day!

  3. So many things in one day! looks like it was so lovely

  4. Looks like you had tonnes of fun! The beach looks so nice :)
    Georgia from


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