November 30, 2013

Being with familiar and unfamiliar faces and being in familiar and unfamiliar places, all sharing the same intentions.

A spontaneous night which was spent existing for the love of volunteering and music all for the intention to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Yolanda, the strongest typhoon to ever hit land in the history of humanity. Half of the night was spent with friends at Philippine Red Cross packing different sizes of bottled waters by a dozen.

It was almost 9 in the evening when the operations stopped so we spent some minutes at Freedom park while waiting for other friends to come by.

We found ourselves at Sales Bar Tekanplor where we heard three local bands play their masterpieces. Almost everyone sang along while I listened carefully to the beat of every song. I became an instant fan of The Sound of Go.

We sat in a small, comfy sofa farthest from the stage among other strangers. So in between each glances of every band, I see passing silhouettes with red and green dancing spot lights on their bodies.

The Sound of Go in action. Everyone seemed to be so into them which drew me closer to carefully listen and enjoy more of what they played that night. It was impressive. And yes, I wished I knew the lyrics beforehand because there is nothing more empowering than knowing the words in every song that a band plays in front of you.

It was almost midnight when they were finished and it was also the time when we decided to go back home.

Overall, it was a great night surrounded by strangers and old/new friends sharing the same intentions. I know there are other ways to help the victims of the typhoon anywhere within the country. There are a lot of events held by small and big groups for the benefit of the typhoon victims every day and every night until now for sure. Even those who have nothing much to give find their ways just so they could help and that is true. I am so much thankful for other countries that are extending their help by going in the areas and reach out. This is the first time that I ever cried while watching the news and the nth time I get pissed off by some government officials. Despite all these bad things happening in reality, I am thankful for those who have very good and clean intentions to help.

After the tragedy in most parts of Visayas, I often think about them every twilight of the day. There's something in the sunset that fascinates me and makes me remember how are things going on there without any electricity in a cold night. I hope it is getting better every day. I hope that the people who are supposed to be there upfront are working well and always reminding themselves to be of service as what they pledged before they stood that position, whatever it is. For those reading this overseas and have some to spare, you are so much welcome to help through Philippine Red Cross.

November 25, 2013

Ice Breaker #2: What is helpful to you in coping with stress?

There are various ways for me to cope up with stress. One is to laugh at small things, even at the stress factors, at everything to the point where I realize that I am losing it and then I laugh even more. It depends on how badly the nature of stress would be. If I find myself stressing over a group of people, I find my way out and walk away and find nice things along busy streets, eat somewhere, or visit a book store and read. Sometimes I like being an indoors man and stay in front of my computer, read stuff, talk to people over the internet, listen to music, watch a movie/TV show, or write. In bed, I read a book until I fall asleep. Also, I cry because I find it more healing to cry my worries out in bed at night. More importantly, I think about how big the world is and that I am just a mere period among other periods. I spend time with inspirational books or people who laugh with me. I indulge to things that make me wonder and inspire because it drives me to push forward in whatever I do. Although discreet, I have the power to change things and make it much better without compromising anything.

November 20, 2013

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I am in love with the characters. The story is very moving, insightful, something I can relate to, surprising and fun. Among other lessons I learned from this book, it taught me to be reasonable and fair to any situation. The characters of Jem, Dill and Jean Louise were very relatable as I have somehow been like them at some point in my childhood days. While reading, I feel like I am already part of their journey. Atticus' character definitely inspired me to be the kind of adult that is reasonable and smart enough to handle any kind of situation. I do not intend to be exactly like him but the way his character moves, it taught me to focus on what really matters. It may seem vague for now but I think I would somehow, if not fully, understand more as I grow older.

Surprisingly, the issues raised in the story is present up to now. Racism, government issues, among others are present. This book may open your mind to these kind of situations... it helps you think deeply on the issues.

I like how the characters develop as the story progresses. The way the story moves just drives the characters, especially the kids, to mature as well.

This book is definitely a must-read for everyone.

November 18, 2013

I want to explore the world, I want to achieve my dreams, I want to do everything in my list, I want to cook all these delicious recipes, I want to experience new things, meet new people, and leave behind those who have been dragging me down for years now. To step out of the border, I can not wait any longer.

November 9, 2013

Little Boracay, Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur

A spontaneous road trip became a spontaneous overnight stay at Little Boracay resort in Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. Traveling in between mountains and ended up in a beautiful and silent beach was amazing. Also, I was with my family. It was a great experience. :)

On the road, we spotted a tree house and some huts being sold at 20 to 40 thousand pesos each. Look at the tree house, you can easily take some Nangka or Jackfruit (which is so good) so easily. That's my dream tree house right there, ladies and gentleman.

We were being girl scouts and boy scouts that time. We brought packed food with us from home and ate along the road. We spotted an open cottage along the highway and asked the owner if we can use it for a while. Spotted this sleepy cat inside the cottage despite the smell of food we brought.

The cottage was surrounded by different kinds of flowers. One of them is this beautiful pink Gumamela!

Traveling somewhere in between large mountains, long rivers, and over bridges. The scenes were refreshing to the soul, really.

After a zigzag ride, we finally found what we were looking for! The best beach resort in the province of Sta. Maria yet. I have never been to Boracay though but this could be much better. ;)

Mad'yaw pag datung mayo asini Little Boracay! || Maayong pag-abot ninyo diri sa Little Boracay! || (and for the lack of words, lol) Welcome to Little Boracay!

I noticed that the island looked like a sleeping dinosaur. 

Of course, jump shots!

Setting up tents, tables, and food. It was starting to get dark.

My cousin named this dog as Blackie just because it turns around when it hears the name. It was fond of chasing crabs along the shore at night which amused us. 

This was our territory throughout the night.

We did some sand art just because we are bad at making sand castles.

The next morning, my cousin caught this beautiful Gecko. 

Also, the locals were starting to clean the area. The kids were playing along with the trolley or something.

The place was so serene. Fleet Foxes' songs were playing on my mind that morning.

It was a good overnight stay with the family. I was not expecting such adventure that day. It was kind of surprising, really, despite their busy work schedules.

November 7, 2013

23rd birthday

(I am two months late in writing about my birthday which was on September 8. Ha!)

Unlike my past birthday celebrations, this year I celebrated it away from home for a while. I aimed to make 23 things because I am turning 23. There was no reason behind it except that I was trying to make it more exciting since it was my first time to spend my birthday away from home. I have the same birthday as my brother, who is fourteen years older, so there was a little party in the evening. It was difficult to choose what I will put in the list so mostly the things I did were the ones that I can do easily within the city. Although I tried to go away from town, the weather did not  allow me to do so.

Here are the things that I managed to do: paint my nails red, catch the sunrise in a park, visit Lon Wa Buddhist Temple, light candles and say prayers, buy donuts, buy a book in a book sale, buy flowers and visit parents at the memorial park, visit shrine hills, have a pina colada shake, play at World of Fun, buy macaroons, watch a movie, buy a red lipstick, get a lottery ticket, drink wine, eat apples, eat cake, and sleep with balloons in bed. Nineteen things only. But it's okay. I had fun! :)

Along the way, in between places, I have some notable experiences with strangers who were also busy walking and traveling around the city with me. Around 8:15 in the morning, while on my way to the temple, a woman sitting beside me in a jeepney, who seems to be a grandmother, was carrying a  birthday cake with an eight-shaped candle. I actually stared at it and she smiled at me.

A security guard at Lon Wa Temple was kind enough to tour me around the place. Also, explaining things like a tourist guide. He worked there for almost two decades so he knew everything and everyone inside. Aside from being a security guard and a tourist guide, he was also my photographer. Thanks, Mr. Cervantes!

On my way to the church, I saw a couple kissing as the guy leaves his girl for a jeepney ride. And he sat opposite to me, smiling.

A candle vendor at San Pedro church gave me one peso discount because I told her it was my birthday. I also asked her the meanings of each color of the candle I bought. Which I forgot when I lighted them altogether but no worries.

Bought three orange flowers and lighted a candle for my parents.

I went home in the afternoon and was greeted by my brothers' friends and my family. Pumped some balloons and took a nap. Watched a movie with my cousin and ate some sweets. It was a laid back birthday for me -- totally the opposite of what I am used to and I kind of like it. :)
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