October 30, 2013

In which I write about tea & coffee, my life as of now, and a really good book.

Thank goodness for green tea. I have not been drinking coffee lately simply because I want to stop and it does not do me good like how it used to give me energy(!) three or four years ago. My throat kind of feel acidic every after I drink a cup. Now, even if my body seeks for it, I always try to divert my thoughts to something else (e.g. cranberry juice, lemons, teas, Nutella? hehe) it is so difficult to stop, I tell you. I guess it helps when you read about the disadvantages of coffee and how it will affect your health. Considering the symptoms I had like when I lay in bed, I hear air (?) or something in my chest going up towards my throat. I have not felt it now though since I stopped drinking coffee. So I guess it is because of it. Also because I am a heavy drinker. I drink two to three cups straight a day. I am sorry coffee lovers, I am once like you but now I just had to stop because I am feeling some weird things inside me whenever I drink coffee. One of which is it makes me sleepy nowadays. Also, I guess having flu helps. Of course, you don't drink coffee when you are sick because it dehydrates your body. So that, too, helped me in my campaign. Hehe. Although I drank half a cup two days ago but it was mainly because the weather was so cold I just had to drink coffee and because I kind of miss it. It does not hurt to drink half a cup but now I am surprised that I don't crave for it much like the first two weeks of not drinking it. Not to mention the headache I went through. It was all worth the sacrifice.

Anyway, how is life treating you? Like what I have said, I am sick. I am still sick but not much now. Notice that I have not been writing a lot but that is mainly because I don't have the urge to write and also there are too many things to do here. I am too preoccupied with other things and that is good, I guess. Although it does make me feel sad and lonely at times. Needless to say, being a grown-up is not so easy. I hate it but I do like it at times as well. Nothing much has been going on with me except for some sickness. I guess the fourth quarter of this year is on the low side for me.

When was the last time I felt comfort? I can't remember much. I guess it comes in the package of being a grown-up. Responsibilities, guys... I have a lot of that. Wishful thinking of a much better life, it does somehow stress me out. Emotional days, too many! Anyway, how can I make this writing kind of cheerful somehow? Well, I finished reading The Hobbit! And it was awesome. It is more than excellent. I can't wait to watch the film then read LOTR. Although I have watched the LOTR movies, I still want to go into details because I have fallen in love with Tolkien's work! I like the progress of Bilbo's character and I am just so in love with the story. I guess I can re-read it once I am out of books to read and I can carry it anywhere with me just because. :)

This cup of tea is kind of weird. I guess I put too much honey in it. Still good though because honey somehow cures my itchy throat. I think I need another cup. Bye for now~

October 22, 2013

The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller

The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller. Published on April 13, 1992 by Grand Central Publishing. In this book are pictures of the Roseman covered bridge by the author himself. Waller's books are mostly New York Times bestsellers and two of his novels are shown in motion pictures. I picked this book in a booksale for PHP 35 only. What made me choose to buy it is because I am intrigued of the love affair of a National Geographic photographer and a farm wife.

The story is told by a writer who is not at all related to the people involved in the story rather he is asked by two siblings, Micheal and Carolyn Johnson, to write a story about their mother. The events recalled by the two siblings were based on the letters that their mother kept for a long time since they were kids. Their mother is Francesca Johnson, who is a farm wife in Iowa, and their father is Richard Johnson, who is a business man often out of the county to work. They all went to school during the day leaving Francesca at home tending the farm. Being a farm wife, Francesca mostly felt loneliness but she enjoyed the time being with her family. One day, the kids had to attend a school program for a few days and their father had to look for them. On the first evening, she felt free from the stress she experienced everyday as a mother and excited about being alone in the house for a few days. There was freedom from the daily chores except for some but it made her happy. She seemed to be longing for some adventure that she never had ever since she got married. Robert Kincaid is a traveling photographer and working for National Geographic for a long time. He had been to different places, taking photos of everything, and because he is good with words, he almost always gets published. On the second day that Francesca's family was away, Robert was driving towards her door and asked about the location of the Roseman Bridge. A simple conversation on Robert's askance about the place made Francesca feel something weird which brings us to their short but romantic story of their love.

It was love at first sight. Being always at home or farm, Francesca knew she needed to go away for a while and Robert seemed to be the gateway. Francesca offered herself to guide him to the way where the Roseman Bridge is located and Robert fetched him right after he took some photos. It was a refreshing environment for her and she enjoyed it. She is fascinated at how photographers work; at how Robert was. A simple gesture had led to an overwhelming romance for just a couple of days. She had a choice to leave her family and be with Robert and she had a choice not to.

I quite like the story simply because it makes you think what should be right; it is not just a plain old love story; it is one-of-a-kid. I know it is quite intriguing to have a main character who is married but fell in love to another guy. But if you give your attention to Francesca alone, rather than her being married, she seemed lonely in life. She is always at home, attending to her family's needs, she rarely goes to the market and buys things for herself, and it almost seemed like she is stuck in a loophole. She is not genuinely happy at all. But then again, I can't help but think about her responsibility as a mother if she ever went away from her family just because she found a new love. It is not that easy even in real life.

One thing that this story taught me is you have to think (and re-think over and over) of your choices. Balance them according to what fits you most and what you think is right given the facts that you are living right now. I may not be making any sense here for those who have not read the book or even watched the movie, but once you do, let me know what you think about their love story and Francesca's choice that changed her life and kept it for years.

October 20, 2013

In which I am not feeling very well.

I'm back to writing (finally!) but that is mainly because 1.) it's a Sunday and 2.) I'm not feeling better. A couple of days ago, I felt a sore in the upper right side of my neck (sorry for the lack of medical term) and after days my right eye felt heavy by which I knew I'm going to have sinusitis. While taking a rest, I felt a weird feeling "down there" which caused me to cross my legs for a minute. It was so painful. I've been drinking liters of water (and have been going back to the comfort room!) since yesterday. There is lesser pain now but I am going to see a doctor for a check-up. I'm thinking it could be UTI or something. I hope it is nothing too bad.

I'm drinking Pure Chamomile Tea (by Twinings!) because I know it can help soothe my tummy. I put two tablespoons of honey for my cough. My sinusitis has slowed a bit; I hope it doesn't come back tomorrow because it's so stressful. :(

So, there you go, internet. I'm sick and I'm about to get urinalysis tomorrow to check if I have UTI or something or nothing. I wish Mama is still alive to comfort me. People surrounding me are mostly insensitive except for my cousin who gives me advice on what to take for years now. Someone even laughed when she heard I'm not feeling well. Tsk. Oh, well.

P.S. I've been reading The Hobbit and it comforts me somehow.

How about you? How is life treating you?

October 7, 2013

In which I force myself to write down these feelings although I am too weary (and too sleepy) to do so.

I am finding it hard to write something here (or even in my journal) because I am losing interest in all things which is quite weird and sad because almost all of the things that I used to enjoy doing seem to be less interesting anymore. Whenever I feel the urge of doing one thing in my list, writing per se,  I'd get excited and then I feel weary. Not sure if everyone feels this way at a certain age but I am pretty sure that at least somebody out there is wondering what in the world is happening to them. I'd like to think that way because it freaks me out whenever I think I am alone in this trap. Could it be a health problem? Mental strain? Or maybe I am subconsciously bored as to how I am doing things differently but the same somehow; maybe I need something new in my life but then I really don't know what could give me satisfaction and bring back the power of being passionate and happy in doing something with meaning (or without... it does not matter to me, I guess. I can always formulate a meaning after I do some nonsense. But really... I miss the act of 'doing'. It's not like I have been sitting all day long. I work my ass off for sure but it's just so different.) THIS feeling is new to me and by that I am kind of scared (for sure) and thrilled because (I've been thinking that maybe) this could be a sign that I am (finally) getting busy working on adult stuff~ and I mean, important ones.

Nervous, excited, scared, clueless, vulnerable, brave, whatnot... I am feeling everything there is to feel right now and it has been going on for months. I don't know what is it that I am going through but once I find myself in a steady pace and figure all these out, I'd probably laugh at my self for being lost for a while. For now, I'll just let all these feelings be felt and I might not write anything in this blog (or read a book, or do things I used to enjoy, etc.) for a while because I can't write when I can't feel the urge to write. I am sure you know how it feels. It is quite ironic because I am writing my feelings down right now but to tell you honestly I am forcing myself to write this because I feel like I need to have something to read when I am done with this Whirlwind of Unsettled Emotions 2k13. After all, this is how I used to write;it is what this blog is all about during its early years. So, yeah.
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