September 27, 2013

Trip To Kidapawan City

A spontaneous road trip with my sister Rachel and her husband Melbert to Kidapawan City. The two wanted to visit a friend over lunch, which was around 2 in the afternoon at an Italian restaurant, and left after two hours. As much as I would like to show photos of people, I'd rather keep them in my other social media account (Facebook) and post these two photos which I took during our way back to Davao City.

It was great to experience such a spontaneous trip. The spontaneity of it was: my sister knocked at my door while I'm still sleeping, told me to get ready for a road trip to Kidapawan City. It's my first time to wake up to that. And it's amazing. :p

For the sake of making the trip much more memorable, I instantly thought about writing down notes while on the road which is inspired by my aunt who does it almost everytime they go out of town. So here it goes:

10:30 - 11:30: Davao City
11:30 - 12:30: Stop over at Shell, Toril. Bought snacks (Pinasugbo, Mr. Chips, Water, and sanitary napkins). On our way, while still in Davao City, I realized that it was the day prior to my menstruation day schedule (and I'm sorry for sharing this but I guess it's funny to remember this in the future, lol) and I felt that maybe I am already to it. Good thing, I am always carrying an extra pad with me. Haha! Passed by Sirawan, BInugao District, Tagabuli where I saw beautiful views of green mountains!; and Digos City where Alicia Keys' this girl is on fiiiiire played over the radio on the exact time we entered the city.
12:30 - 13:30: Stopped to buy delicious and fresh Bibingka along the road. On to our journey, we passed by an elementary school which has some vegetables growing in a big enough garden in its front yard. Amazing! Passed by Sinawilan, Bansalan where I saw beautiful rice fields, and Makilala.
13:30 - 14:30: We arrived in Kidapawan City! We had lunch over at Capellini Restorante with their friend and her daughter and brother. We ordered different pasta: spaghetti, carbonara, and (mine was) pomodoro;  and chicken meals. Stayed for two hours just talking about anything under the sun.
16:30 - 17:30: Drove back to Davao City.
20:30: Finally arrived home safely. :)

It was a great getaway that lasted for almost a day. Yay for spontaneous road trips. :) Also:

My sister, a photobomber, and me while waiting for our pizza. :D
here is a photo of me and my sister with a guy who almost seemed shocked at something behind us. Or maybe he wanted to make a wacky face, too. 


  1. You litterally went to Kidapawan just to eat? Ha! Sounds like me. To travel few hours for a restuarant and then back...

    The trip was worth it though..

    1. Haha! No. Well, kind of. But it was nice to visit my sister's friend and her family who are from Kidapawan. Yes, the trip was worth it. I enjoyed the view to and from. :)


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