September 21, 2013

Postcards sent to Manila, China and France

This is another handmade postcard I made for Sara from China. She likes to travel, read, photography and music so I made her a postcard with all of her listed interest. Weeks after I sent it, she responded through e-mail saying:

"Dear sweet Debie,
It's really a big surprise to have your card this morning,I shall say this is the most lovely card i ever received cause you paint it yourself!
and it's so nice, you are so........sweet. I LOVE IT!
i love photography while till now only with digital machine,i am not an expert on that but it is a really good experience and trying to learn more. i truely believe film photography is much more dramastic, as what you said "MAGIC"! yes! I hope i could have a chance to take film photography someday. and if you could share some of your works with me?
It's getting cooler here these days after nearly one month high temperature upto 45 centigrade which is the highest one in my life. and sunny days with very comfortable feeling now.
I do hope to have a visit of Philippines someday, it's a really nice place with so beautiful landscape. hope soon...
and last but not least
with my sincere wishes for you and your lovely families!
Sara from Ningbo
Sep 05,2013"
You are the sweetest postcrosser I have ever met, Sara. Thank you. Thank you for letting me know you have received my card and that you like it. It's one thing to make a postcard and send it to strangers and it is another thing to receive a response from them. I know it does not count much but this e-mail amazes me. It's just amazing how you take time to write back through e-mail. Thank you again for giving this fleeting but amazing moment in my life, Sara. :)

Another postcard I made for Aurelien from France. He likes books. I guess he is a fantasy bookworm and geek. I secretly checked out all his books in GoodReads and decided to make a simple compilation of book titles he likes.


A birthday stitched card for my sister who is in Manila. I found several free stitched card patterns from Stitching Cards. I glued a little paper card on the flip side, hence that curvy upper right side, which is full of greetings from relatives and close friends of my sister.

I have nothing fancy to give to other people but I am pretty sure a letter and/or a card will brighten up their day. :)


  1. These are amazing! What type of card do you use to draw your postcards? Do you put something over them so they are more water proof! They're truly gorgeous.

    1. Hello, I just use a normal A4 plain white paper card cut in half. I don't put anything on it to make it waterproof though. If I can find something with regards to waterproof, I'd probably buy it. Thank you! :)

  2. Great postcards - it is nice to get "real" mail once in a while! :-)

    1. I know, right? Thank you! :)

  3. it's so lovely how much effort you put into your cards/postcards! that stitched one is just beautiful!

    1. Haha, I know, too much effort for just a card. But I like it. I like making them. :p Thank you! Stitching Cards did a great job for the free pattern :)


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