August 31, 2013

Outview by Brandt Legg

Outview, the first book of the Inner Movement series, by Brandt Legg is published by The Sager Group on January 29, 2013. The story is about a teenage boy named Nate who has been seeing and experiencing outviews in his dreams. Certain circumstances made him realize that there is something much more than his present life. As the days progress, he becomes more and more acquainted with these weird experiences in which he is always being chased by someone armed or something weird. Little by little, he and his friends, including his family, realized there is something happening around which is more than what is normal. The story becomes more complex as it progresses. There were puzzling situations, twists and turns, and amazing magical powers happening as Nate (and everyone close to him) walks on a journey he never thought of passing through. A part of the story made me think if there is really that kind of secret group in the government. I admit reading that part of the story made me kind of scared which is a good thing because that means the book really captured me.

Needless to say, this is a fantasy story and the book has that ability to portray such fantastical situations or events.  Such are the effective portrayal of each mystics that Nate has to encounter, portals, mystics, magical things among others. It does not only focus on fantasy but it does make you think if there is a secret institution in reality or the things going on inside a mental institution, among others.

The story, although it gets complicated as it progresses, is slow-paced but I don't see it as a bad thing. It's just I get more excited for a certain situation but the story just slows down a bit. It is a page turner, definitely, I must say. The writing is okay. Sometimes I need more explanation about certain situations but since it is the first book in the Inner Movement series, I bet more things will be explained in the second book. The ending is a cliffhanger but it ends good. The story ended great for the first book. There was a revelation, a big revelation. Something that you would never think could happen.

Overall, the story is satisfactory. It does have some points that you can ponder on. Nate, as the protagonist, has developed as his journey continues. Issues between each character are raised. The story gets interesting until the end; convincing and thrilling. This book is a must-read for anyone especially those who likes fantasy genre.

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