August 28, 2013

Letter challenge: yours dreams

Dear dreams,

The reason why I still go on walking along this rocky path of life is because of you. You are comprised of both real and unreal things. Some real, tangible things that seem so easy to achieve but I am too clueless how to start. Some unreal things that require me to take risks, do wild things, or nothing. Most of the time I just let you sit in the air and not mind how to deal of your presence. That does not mean I don't care. It means I still have hope for you but there are more things easier to achieve. Or so I thought.

Thank you for existing in my head. I know it takes years but you are still hanging in there. Thank you for the patience. It's not like how others' dreams are; others seem to achieve theirs quickly than I do but maybe that is because I dream about big, difficult, and almost impossible things.

I am taking baby steps now. I clearly don't know how to put myself out there but once I figure it out, perhaps it will be easy. Be patient, trust that I won't leave you hanging in the air just like that for the course of my life. I won't do that, no. I may alter you a bit but it will be for the better. I may also have to add some more or take some things to and from you but I will never ever let you go empty. Remember that.

A full-time daydreamer,


  1. Anonymous4:44 AM

    I hope that all your dreams will come true!


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