August 7, 2013

Blue Vote 2013 Experience

Throughout my entire college life, I have never experienced volunteering in campus activities. I have some courses and organizations that required me to get in touch with the community which I enjoyed and learned so much from. I was a passive student most of the time and I'd rather focus on little things that mattered most with regards to my course rather than be all-out.

In the Summer of 2013, my last months at the university, Don and I heard news from UCEAC seeking volunteers for the upcoming Midterm Election. Together with Nemuel, we volunteered for the Blue Vote 2013. Came the day of the Volunteers' Training and Orientation, 6 days before election, it was a half-day activity wherein we were informed about the rules & regulations, PCOS machine, and field reporting led by different speakers including local news reporters. There were around 600+  volunteers from Ateneo. Came the day of the election, the three of us, together with four volunteers, were assigned as a Roving Team in District 3. The tasks were to monitor our field volunteers, check every volunteer in their respective precinct, prepare the packaged foods, snacks and drinks along the way, get field reports, feedback, and other concerns by them and by voters and deliver back to the headquarters (school).


We went around district 3: Puan, Talomo, Bago Gallera, Bago Aplaya, Dumoy, Baliok and Toril. I have one concern though. Some volunteers have not received their snacks and lunch packs on time. Thus they complained to us without thinking that we had difficulties in going from one school to another. Also, this is because the food came late to be distributed to the roving teams. We knew it might take a while for the other volunteers to get their food, especially those who were assigned farthest, so we spent the time wisely by going to nearby places first. By that, I suggest for an early distribution of food to roving teams so other field volunteers will have lunch on time.

Overall it was a great experience to be able to serve the volunteers and help the voters somehow. I am proud to be a Blue Vote volunteer. :D


  1. Well done!
    Despite the difficulties you made a difference.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    Hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.
    xo, j


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