July 29, 2013

The older I get, the more I feel like I live for goals

(I just realized that we didn't take any single photo on that pizza night. So, hi. Here's is a photo of my cereal.)

This I realized over a planned pizza dinner with two close friends since college, Eileen and Tip. Conversation about what happens after graduation, getting a job at the moment, and goals in life, were just a bunch of topics we have discussed among others. In those fast-paced moments, for more than hours, Tip suggested about making a goal for every month. It was one of those striking, fleeting moments that led me to pause for a while and thought about that idea.

I didn't get serious about it that time and while moving on from one conversation to the next, it's always popping out in my head like it wants to be focused on quickly. After dinner, we decided to play Battle Realms just because it's what we used to do back in college. While playing for hours, I couldn't help but think about it over and over. After playing, we decided to take some snacks while waiting for the rain to stop. The thought was still there. It is keeping itself visible and clearer as the night progressed. Finally, I gave it a chance to be thought of when I got home, in bed.

Until now, after barely a month, I haven't really been very vocal about it. It's just in my head, sitting idly, waiting for me again.

I have a lot of goals. Proof are my crazy long list of things I want to do, to make, to write about, to buy, places I want to wander around in the near future, anything you can think of. But these things don't have that specific time in which I should have made it because I don't want to pressure myself.

Maybe that is the reason why having goals each month is such a heavy thing to do but obviously it is something I want to do because I can't erase it in my thoughts. Things are very uncertain now. But I have thought of trying to do it anyway.

Next month, I'm looking forward for a job offer. It's basically just the thing that I am looking forward to. So, I am finally taking it as my goal for the month of August. The goal is to get a job offer and once I get it, things will be certain somehow and it would be easy to make goals, I guess.

I have invited myself to think of the opposite which is not getting a job offer. That's a tough one, but it is a possibility. Maybe, just maybe, if that happens, well, c'est la vie. That's life. I would move on and find another job. Play the waiting game again. At least, I have a goal, right?

This is where the word 'focus' comes in. It's my word of the year 2013, focus. Focus on my goal. The very goal I want to hit right on the spot this time. That very goal which could lead me to a challenging life but could lead things into perspective and certainty, I suppose.


  1. It's always tough for me to make goals since my biggest problem is forgetting about them. I have a bunch of long term goals, but if I don't gradually work towards them, they'll never happen. I love your idea of having a goal every month which gives you that extra incentive to work harder towards it. It's not easy, but it's worth it. Good luck and I know you'll gather enough focus to knock down your goal! :)

    1. It may seem very easy to make a goal but it is very difficult to crash it out on your list. It is even harder to start working on it. Thank you, Jen. :)

  2. Goals are the best :) I agree with you I think goals become more clear as you get older. You can do it- half the goal is saying it out loud and then the other half is going after it.

    1. I have a share of tangible goals and I have some too-hard-and-impossible-to-work-on goals as well. It's true, I agree with you there, that once you make a goal, it just takes a snap to get yourself working on it.


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