July 17, 2013

Missed Connection: That friendly, cheerful and high-spirited gay guy

It was my very first job application here in the city. I feel kind of nervous at the time because I didn't know what could happen and there were hundreds of applicants. While walking towards the end of the line, I kind of feel uneasy and (again) nervous. As I decided to go home, I found myself at the end of the line. So I stayed. It was after a minute or less when you lined up next to me. A guy looking very neat with a backpack on. While waiting in the line, I checked my things in my bag and realized I don't have a pen. So I had to hurry and go to the nearest bookstore to get one. I was kind of hesitant to ask you for a reservation but I did anyway. You were very pleasing and said "sure!".

I came back and realized the line got shorter and you were almost near the entrance. You smiled at me and I said "thanks!". I feel kind of aloof because almost everyone is with a friend. I was just standing there... waiting. You were busy talking to your friend about the company and stuff. I am surprised (and thankful) because you initiated to talk to me. You were asking questions and stuff about me. Until we got ourselves seats, we still talked about the same topic and, sometimes, people around us. You seem to know everyone there. You are very friendly and cheerful.

The process was long. We changed seats from time to time until we got our registration numbers. Mine was 505 and yours was 504. We got to the initial interview, waiting to be called. From there, you met new friends again. I felt very comfortable with you. As if we're close friends for years. You kept talking about how you are hoping to get the job while I kept asking myself, in a deep thought, what I was doing there. It was almost 5 in the afternoon and you mentioned that you will be absent in your class at 5 because it seems that we're not going to be called before 5. You even said that it will break your heart if you won't get the job. I just hoped that we'll be okay after it.

We were finally called together in a group of 10. We found ourselves in a cubicle with other applicants. We were interviewed together, all of us, one after the other, describing one's self. You were the first one to be called. I loved how you delivered your speech. You had a quote as your intro and I was very proud because I know you are currently taking Bachelor of Arts in English. You sounded really good. Then, it was my turn. I was kind of blah. I didn't really know what to say first so I started with "my name is...". I was just talking and trying to pick up hobbies and stuff to say that would interest my listeners. After my turn, you turned to me and said "that was spontaneous" I smiled.

I was trying to keep my cool because I found myself kind of nervous about the situation. Mainly because it's my first job interview ever. Well, actually I get the same feeling every after I say something in front of people. It's something I hate the most, that feeling. I'd rather be the one at the back stage working than talking in front of so many people. By so many, I mean 5 or more. Imagine how I was in my Public Speaking class. All the applicants have spoken and after several minutes, the interviewer mentioned 8 names including yours. My name wasn't mentioned. I and with another girl passed the initial interview. I didn't know what to say to you. So, I just smiled at you and you wished me luck. You smiled, of course. I said, "thanks!".

I didn't thought about myself for a while. I knew your heart was broken (like you said earlier) but you can still catch up on your class which I thought was a good thing, I guess. And so I moved on with the rest of the application process. I admit that it was kind of boring without having someone to talk to. I missed your quirky presence.

I wonder how you are today, you cheerful and high-spirited gay guy? I hope you're doing well. Good luck with your studies.

And thank you for making my first job interview, that lasted about 8 hours, kind of fun! :)


  1. I love your writing! It reminds me of how I like to write, in almost a "Dear person" kind of way. I look forward to more!


    1. That's a first! Thank you, Laura! :)

  2. Interviews ARE nerve wracking....I can never like it or get used to it. :/
    I'm glad to hear that you had some fun in your interview though. Hope you get the results you're hoping for :)

    1. Exactly, Susie! I felt uneasy somehow but I always try to focus on it. Thank you! I am really looking forward for a job offer. :)

  3. Anonymous9:17 AM

    "that lasted about 8 hours, kind of fun! " ;) Not bad for your first, i guess.



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