July 23, 2013

Fun with Fabric Tapes: DIY Pen Holder

I have a lot of pens. So I needed something that can hold them together but I don't want to buy something ready-made because that would be expensive (although I would love to have that Hedgehog pen holder!). I have two pen holders now. The other one is a personalized tumbler I got on my birthday two years ago. It can't hold additional pens anymore so I figured I have to make a DIY pen holder.

Materials you need:
A clean can of soda or beer/any kind of jar
Fabric tapes (or washi tapes!)
Printed paper (optional)

Using a can opener, take out the cover of your can. Make sure you cut out the sharp edges before working on it. Cover the sides of the upper part of your can with a printed paper or you can use your tapes. I used a printed paper because I want it to look kind of rugged. Hehe.

For the body,  I used my fabric tapes. Stick them around horizontally and alternately. You can do it vertically or diagonally, or checkered. It's is up to you! :)

Add some embellishments if you have! I would definitely stick some when I find some cute embellishments for it. Maybe little butterflies will do since my fabric tapes are floral. ;) I am so in love with fabric/washi tapes. I will buy more soon. Do you use such decorative tapes? If yes, how do you use them? Do you make DIYs using it as well? Let me know. I would love to know! :)


  1. That's a good idea! I love washi tape, but i have a problem using them because they're too cute!

    1. I agree with you! It took me monthssss to finally decided to use these colorful, pretty tapes. For once I liked them as is but I realized that I have to (kind of) "multiply" their beauty and so sticking them to other things is quite a good idea.


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