June 10, 2013

Lord, give me strength to face these people everyday. I know that you put me in this situation because You know I can overcome it but I am so weak and I don't know what to do. I know you are doing this to me because you want to make me a strong woman for I know I am weak. I am so tired of crying and hoping that all will be well. I am trying to learn a lot of things from their bad intentions in life. I want to write every learnings from it, but my heart cries and breaks knowing that I get a lot. Lord, bless them for they are people, too. Please stop them from giving me depressing days and nights for years now. I am so tired and I want to be very joyful.

Let them realize that money is not the important thing in this world. They have changed because they think they can do everything in life and that they can control anyone's will. They have a heavy heart and slowly turning black and so does their intentions and everything. Give them love... teach them how to love and not be fake because what makes a good, beautiful, and meaningful life? Billions of money can give a beautiful death ceremony but not a meaningful life unless you use it for good. Love makes your life meaningful that even on your last day on earth, it will still be there lying around everyone's heart. 

I don't know when am I going to get out of here but I have faith and hope for a beautiful and joyful life. I will always cherish these difficult times because I know it means something that I will yet to know in the future. Let me be closer to the ones I love -- my siblings, and soon, mama and papa. Let me be surrounded with happy people. Bless me, Lord. I don't want to grow up like them.


  1. I hope all goes well. It's really horrible how money brings out the worst in people. I've met some supposedly warm and nice fellas but they suddenly changed when it came to doing business where money's involved.

    1. It's a sad reality. You can't do anything but let go. Thanks for the concern, Arni! ;)


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