June 7, 2013

Body Scrub: Exhilarating Mint Body Scrub with loofah and corn cob meal by Garden Botanika

"Finely ground loofah with corn cob meal gently polish rough, dry skin to a smooth luster. Cleansing Yucca and Soap Bark extracts are blended with invigorating Peppermint oil to leave skin clean and fresh while natural plant oils revive softness."

Exhilarating Mint Body Scrub with loofah and corn cob meal is gentle to my skin. Its fine soft scrubs exfoliates your skin making you feel good after a busy day. It has a minty smell that makes you feel very relaxed right after shower and its smell stays for hours. It bubbles up some more when you use a loofah/stone scrub.

My sister gave this to me years ago and I am still using it up to now. Clearly, I use my soap more than anything but for sure I get excited when I decide to use this before going to bed. It's like my reward for being productive for the day. :)

Do you use any body scrub? If yes, what is it? Do you use it frequently? :)


  1. Aww, I just found a good exfoliator as well and it makes me feel so refreshed and clean

  2. ooh this looks and sounds really nice!

  3. A good scrub is a wonderful idea for pampering this weekend. Mint scrub with corn cob meal looks exhilarating indeed. I'm using Dove daily exfoliating shower scrub for everyday use.

  4. I used body scrub too and like you I prefer to use it at night:) this is also a good one knowing that it's made of loofah and corn cob meal:)

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  5. I use the Bodyshop SweetLemon bodyscrub at
    the moment c: Very nice and smells good! XX

  6. I haven't used a body scrub for years...I'm much more of a soap person I guess. But I love the idea of using one as a special treat from time to time.

  7. I use a facewasher to gently exfoliate my skin - I have found my face prefers less products. Oh the mint must be so refreshing and smell wonderful though!


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