June 13, 2013

Blog challenge: Your Beliefs

Let me talk about three things: life, friendship, love.

Life. As I grow older, I begin to understand how things work. Although not entirely as I still have a lot of questions unanswered and questions yet to encounter. There will always be the good one and the bad one. Most of the time, what feels good is so difficult to achieve and what feels bad is just around the corner. A lot will go against you; throwing bad words and bad energy until you're finally down and too hopeless to rise again. Their laughter will slowly go through your heart and it will try to break everything until you feel dead. On the other hand, there's a humble amount of good ones left but they are always too far to reach but are always hopeful for you to be happy. Although far, the good ones always combat the bad. It may usually take a long time but if you're hopeful enough, you will get the prize. This is what it feels like from where I am now. You may not understand it because we're all different but I know all of us are fighting a battle. Whatever it may be, just be hopeful. I know it's very hard but stay strong. If you feel weak, cry. Cry a lot of tears but don't forget to think of the good things that happened in the past. Your sad days won't last for too long and you will be happy again. So stay hopeful and smile.

Friendship. It's easy to form friendship and difficult to get away from it. We encounter friends who stay for life and friends who just stay for a couple of months or years. There will always be a reason why the bond of friendship is still there for years and there are reasons too as to why the friendship must end. Either way, just be happy that you've shared your life with them. Learn from bad things, accept, and be open. If a friendship blooms, celebrate. If a friendship must end, cry but be hopeful for good things to appear. You are not alone unless you isolate yourself. People come and go. You will always meet a new one who will inspire, understand, and celebrate life with you. You may also meet an old friend along the way. Celebrate your life with friends because it's one way of the many things to make your life meaningful.

Love. I'm in no position to talk about love because I haven't been brokenhearted too much to say I have learned a lot or be in a relationship with somebody for a long time. I still make mistakes from time to time but I always make sure to understand why and how it happened. Love makes you write a love letter to someone everyday. It makes you hum songs that you thought was too cheesy. It makes you a better version of yourself. It makes you plan for tomorrow. It makes you hopeful for another day with him/her/it. In general, being in love with someone (or giving love to some things e.g. dogs, cats, bunnies, etc.) makes you a happy person. It makes you brave enough to fight for something that's invisible and too precious not to. I may not give you the best advice when it comes to love, but let me tell you this: a person who doesn't know how to love, doesn't know how to dream and set goals in life.


  1. Thanks for writing this, I really enjoyed reading it! xx

    1. You're welcome and thank you :)

  2. Let's just say all three go hand-in-hand. There will always be love and friendship in life, and it is love and friendship that makes life worth living!!

  3. loved it... Been wondering for the past few days to put a sense of my life :) a good blog to ponder on. Thanks.


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