June 4, 2013

All The Living by C.E. Morgan

All The Living is a novel written by C.E. Morgan. It is a romantic story told in a very descriptive way. The writing style is new to me because it is somehow lyrical but the author did not fail to paint her words into a fine visual in which I enjoyed very much. The story started with Aloma being introduced as a girl who grew up with her aunt and uncle. She doesn't know what it feels to have a family. So over the years, she has always wished to have more than a family, friendship, and love. She is always longing for more.

Things have changed when she met Orren who is a frequent in Aloma's working place. They started to exchange jokes, tell stories, and talk about personal matters. It was clear that both of them love each other. In fact, they always make love in the dark. 

Something happened with Orren's family. Driving him to go back to their house and take over what was left. In which a garden of tobacco, a barn, lots of animals, and a home. He was alone. Aloma decided to live with him. 

Everything was dense. It was a little bit happy but sad. Their relationship got a bit more complicated leaving both of them frustrated with life in general. But both of them has their own way of keeping themselves sane. They fight, make love, talk and, most of the time, are silent. Aloma wants more attention from Orren who is busy farming and working for them. She wants interaction and something more. 

"More like... when I have you, when I have you like that even, it's not enough and I still want some more of you. When you say something, I want to hear you say more and when you go someplace, any place, I want you to come back more than anything. That's pretty much been true for forever. That's what I mean. Well, that's the whole truth."

What I like about this story is Aloma and Orren got to understand what love is by going through difficulties. Love in their relationship, family, friendship, religion, and even farming. It is in this story where the characters seem to be uncomfortable and always in search of something. 

Would I recommend this book? Yes, most especially when you are in a state where you can't figure out what is best for you. If you are searching something in life but you can't even say what you want.
This somehow helps.


  1. Cool review. And thanks for your sweet visit. YOU are always welcome.

  2. Mhmm this book sounds dream someway c:
    I'm reading a horror story right now
    :P Xx

    1. What book is it? It's been a long time since I picked up a horror book. I thought this book (All The Living) is a horror book based on the cover and title but it's totally different from what I thought it was. Hehe. :P

  3. Hey! Nice review! Thanks for the visit and I look forward to your future reviews.


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