May 31, 2013

South San Juan Adventure

Most of my childhood memories were set in the sea. I remember waking up early in the morning to witness the sunrise and feel the fresh sea breeze. I liked how calm the sea water was every morning just before some fishermen set sail. Most days when I was not in the garden, I was with my neighborhood friends playing tag, throwing sand balls, flying kites, catching small fishes, playing with sticks and building sand houses in the sea shore. Sometimes we're hardcore kids that we go with older people and catch fishes and pick shells and other sea creatures. When we have gotten lots of shells, we cook them and then we'd have picnic in the shore. I remember so much laughter, tears, silence, *hardwork*, friendship, enemies for a while, friendship right after, unity, freedom, a lot more. Those were the good old days.

I am still living here but things have changed. My friends have grown up and I remember staying at home rather than being outside when I reached high school. Everyone did the same. I don't know what happened... it just happened. I wonder if they can still remember all those precious moments we had together because I do. Well, I guess they do. I assume those smiles right after saying hi or hello means they are remembering series of memories of us together in a place we once called playground.

I am in college now. Actually, I just finished a degree of computer engineering for six years. It was tough. But I'm glad I'm done with it. Things are going to be more complicated but things are also going to be easy. Someday I might leave this place but it will always be my playground (even if it isn't that pretty anymore).

Typhoon Pablo did this I'm sure but I hope that they will rise and be beautiful again.
So, I spent one afternoon with Melanie (my little cousin) and Michelle (a young girl we know from the farm). It's been years... I've never walked around in the sea ever since I reached high school. It was very nostalgic and even though I hate feeling heavy feels, I kept walking, remembering, and feeling.

I wonder if we went farther, will I be able to see the kind of blue starfish that I once saw when I was young? I hope they still exist. :)

Hermit crabs were one of our playmates for sure. So I am always happy whenever I see one nowadays. Hello there, little one! I'm sorry for the disturbance. Hehehe :)

We always talk about cloud formations. It's my favorite topic!

These heavy rocks separating the village and Mintrade -- a log company (I'm not sure, though, but I always see ships with logs around and they stop here). It makes me happy to see little kids catching crabs and fishes around. One day, when they get older, they will also feel how I feel and be grateful about it.

I hope you can see me!

We ate street foods on our way home. I don't know the name of this one but it tastes good.

Caramelized(?) Sweet potatoes! We call it Maruya. It's my favorite!

Green mangoes, of course!

It was one tiring but happy afternoon. I feel happy to have spent an entire afternoon walking around my playground. Sometimes I ask myself, "Are those childhood memories real? They seem surreal to me." It seems surreal for a while because it's full of happiness. And even though I remember the sad days too, they make me smile somehow.


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day! What a wonderful place!

    1. It was indeed a fabulous afternoon! :)

  2. Gret pictures! I love the seaside :) x

  3. Anonymous1:44 AM

    How lucky that you got to grow up by the sea!


  4. Oh this is lovely! Amazing pictures! It makes me want to go on my own adventure. ;)


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