May 10, 2013

Holy Week: Part 2

Second day of the Holy Week. The morning sun brought us positive energy to hike, to harvest fruits again, and to hike some more.

A view of the Mount Apo that I have yet to visit soon at the right time. 

Part of our morning spent in the swings again. Staring at the sky and leaves with different shapes and sizes. Listening to classic rock songs. Talking about life in general and how the first day of harvesting was. 

Biko or Rice Cake. A must-have during Holy Week.

I wanted to harvest some Avocados but we couldn't find a tree that bears the fruit at that time. So my cousin suggested we'll go to their place and find something there. So we did. It was a thirty-minute ride up the mountains. Fresh air. Beautiful views. When we reached at their house, I found a Praying Mantis on a flower. It has been years since I actually seen one!

We were at the top of a mountain. 

Riding up a hill again. I remember those three coconut trees lined up when I was there two years ago for an easy trek. We have traveled far and had avocados for free. Thanks to my cousin's aunt.

Back to the farm: These coconuts all lined up showing an aisle of greens. Very inviting. Very surreal.

Spent the late afternoon harvesting some more rambutans, walking around to get free loofas, talking about snakes, and harvesting pomelos.


  1. philipine looks so similar with Indonesia!

    1. I want to visit Indonesia someday! I bet it feels homey. Hahah :D

  2. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Your photos are absolutely stunning!


  3. It looks like you're having such an incredible time and those pictures are stunning. I would love to be surrounded by that kind of scenery right now! :)



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