May 22, 2013

Carrot Salad

I made a carrot salad on a sunny morning. There's nothing much in it. I wanted to add some fruits but I can't find some in the kitchen. Next time, I'm going to plan ahead so I can gather more ingredients. It's one of my comfort foods. You might want to try it :)

1 serving:
Mayonnaise (or any dressing you want)

Slice the carrot in half.
Slice the first half into thin bits
Grate the other half
Toss everything in a bowl
Add your favorite dressing.
You can add raisins and apples, too.

And you're good! It was a perfect sunny morning! :)

*everytime I make this, I remember my papa. He always eats fresh carrots. :)*


  1. i'm loving salad lately! you can add some pasta too in your salad!

    style frontier

    1. I have never tried pasta with carrots. Thanks for the idea! ;P

  2. Whenever I get carrots, I buy apples and make carrot+apple juice. That's my favorite!


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