May 19, 2013

Blog challenge: what are you thankful for?

I am thankful for the people who have been with me throughout the years even if I look silly whenever I eat ice cream.Heh.

I am thankful for a lot of things.

I am thankful for having some friends and family. Those people who truly believes in me despite my imperfections.

I am thankful for music, affordable fruits, book sales, and scented candles. Small things like these make me happy. 

I am thankful for sunny mornings, rainy nights, or the other way around.

I am thankful for knowing good people. Because they inspire me to act like them.

I am thankful for knowing the bad side of them. Because they serve as lessons in life.

I am thankful for freedom of expression.

I am thankful for love, hate, and all other feelings in between.

I am thankful for you. For spending time reading my words and understanding my thoughts.

I am thankful for life, for life!


  1. Great Picture of the SM Lanang Fountain.:-) I am thankful for bloggers like you who keep on inspiring people debbie. yay! :-)

    1. Reading this from you makes me smile. Hello, Ms. Gloryrose! Thank you for dropping by! And just so you know, I am inspired by your writings, too. :)

  2. What a beautiful happy post! I love the things you're thankful for...put a smile on my face.

  3. such a positive and inspiring post! :D

    Click me for my BLOG!

  4. Great gratitude post, Debie. (I never got to see the fountain in its full glory)

    1. Thank you, Arni! Don't worry, it's not in its full glory yet. It's when they are dancing which they look glorious! Unfortunately, I haven't seen it yet. Maybe one of these days :D


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