March 6, 2013

DIY: Coconut milk and aloe vera shampoo and conditioner

Coconut milk can be used for hair. In fact, there are a lot of shampoos (of different brands) that uses it as one of the main ingredients. It is rich in protein and other nutrients that promote hair growth and lessen hair fall. When applied, your hair becomes soft, shiny and smoother. 

Aloe Vera, on the other hand, is best used for hair conditioning. It has enzymes, amino acids, and protein that help with the growth of hair. Just like coconut milk, it revitalizes the hair and scalp promoting hair growth and leaves your hair as soft as cotton balls.

When these two are combined, imagine how healthy your hair will become!

I am fond of making do-it-yourself projects and this one I have made a couple of times. I have a lot of remedies for hair (including something that has cucumber or mayonnaise mixture) and so far, all of them did a good job! I am pretty sure, though, you have encountered this mixture already but I am just going to blog about it anyway.

Here's how I made mine:
Prepare the fresh coconut milk.
Heat the coconut milk for about 2-3 minutes.
Set aside.
Prepare the fresh aloe vera gel (I used 1 large leaf from my little garden)
Mix the two substances (you can use a blender if you want)
Transfer the finished product in a container or an old perfume/cologne bottle.

And it's ready to use! I use it once a week because I am always at school during weekdays and so during weekdays I don't have time to do it since you have to leave the mixture in your hair for 15-30 minutes. And I don't want to smell like a coconut when I'm at school. :P

For best results, you should offer your hair this mixture every day. I know there are other products available in the market to achieving shiny, smooth, and soft hair but I love the thought of offering my hair a gift from nature. Try it. ;)


  1. I use coconut oil on my hair, its the best thing for it. I will try the coconut milk!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog:) And thank you also for sharing this great idea for using coconut milk.

  3. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Thanks for the tip!



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