March 27, 2013

Blog challenge: your views on mainstream music

Photo taken during Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2012

The recent concert I've been to was Tanduay Rhum Rockfest (October 2012). That night was a very good one! 

When it comes to music, most of us opt for something fresh and for some reason, we hope that it's not something that most people in the planet know. I was one of those people who are too scared to put up something in Facebook or Twitter or anywhere about this new *cool* band that makes awesome music because people might love it and later the whole universe. (And that is kind of annoying). But that was me before this concert (maybe way before that). I realized that music should be shared because it somehow connects us to strangers who later on become our friends.

Music serves as a common ground to each one of us. It feels good when somebody knows your favorite song. It's even more surprising when somebody sings an old song that you thought was non-existent to everyone else but you. There are different types of music. Mainstream is one of those. At one point, people don't like mainstream music because it is "common" or, worse, "lame just because". But not all mainstream songs are very lame. There are some that deserves a round of applause.

Wolfgang for example. Wolfgang was one of the bands that my brothers idolize back then (when I was still in kindergarten, I guess). They greatly affected my taste of music. I love rock music, I listen to what my brothers listen to, and I eventually love it. I guess everyone from where I am knows their songs or at least familiar with it. So when I ride a jeepney or a motorcab that plays their songs, I am always sure that at least one of the passengers other than me knows the song very well. And that's a good thing. It means we have something in common.

The concert was very magical and surreal. A lot of mainstream bands were playing, and almost everyone sang along. And I never thought I'd be able to watch Wolfgang live because they have been gone for years but their music still lives on. So, I am surprised that the people around me in that very chaotic spot I was in sang along with them. I knew that even those kids younger than me know their songs very well. I admit I was kind of teary-eyed when they played. I never thought I'd experience being in that moment, where the band is right in front of me singing their old songs that I love from them even before high school? Priceless!

Mainstream music, those songs that are really good and well-written, live on forever. They are there to unite strangers and could probably form friendships in between.


  1. *sigh* after all these years, Basti Artadi is still hot! :) he comes in close second to my ultimate band crush Joey G of Side A. hehehe I'm so old!

    1. Side A is a great band, too. But I have never seen them in person. Basti Artadi is still hot, I agree with you there although I have never thought of that towards him (but now I do hahahaha):)


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