February 28, 2013

Hotair Balloon Card for Thesa

This is another hot air balloon inspired card. The third card I made with the same theme. A friend back in elementary appreciated the first two cards I made. So I made her one

My friend's name is Thesa. I remember she wrote Ysay as her nickname in my little autograph. So I call her that until now. She has good handwriting and so she was our secretary of the class back in grade 5. I was the assistant secretary. Whenever I think about her, I always remember how nice our her handwriting is. Whenever I think about a good handwriting, I somehow remember her and her lovely slanted cursive way of writing.

We never got so close to each other but we're good friends. Recently we talked about sending postcards to strangers. I guess writing is our thing. It is one of the many unknown things that we have in common. We never even have to try to force it. :)

February 25, 2013

Burger Night: The Nird Burger

I've gained friends throughout college and most of them are boys. These people are like family to me. They share their secrets, stories, dreams, and love problems (and stories!). I am just glad to be around them -- crazy, awesome and, most of the time, out-of-this-world. We have grown up together but I still feel young whenever I'm with them despite the fact that most of them are engineers now.

Anyway, we had a burger night on a Sunday over at Francis' crib.  We made our own burgers with the help of Carlo. 

Here is the recipe (that I'm trying to remember)

The Nird Burger 
('Nird' from Roger's t-shirt print)

Ground beef
Evaporated Milk
Worchershire sauce
Burger buns

In a bowl, mix ground beef, evaporated milk, eggs, seasoning, rosemary, and worchershire sauce.
Make your own burger patties. (We used a small circle plastic container haha!)
Fry the patties.
Once cooked, put it in a burger bun with cheese and lettuce.

We had 2 kilos of ground beef which yielded 20+ patties. :)

Francis and the soon-to-be chef, Roger.
Having fun with eggs. Hahaha! With our burger mentor, Carlo, at the far side.

Carlo, Francis, Roger and Bani
Too lazy the heat the buns. We got too excited to eat! :D
Yay, food!!
Roger, Neil, Ojie, Bani, Francis and me

After eating, they played Poker while I was zombifying Carlo. Look at that scary face. :D Bani and I left early because he had to be early for work and I have a class the next day. It was fun to cook, eat and just chill with these people. It was indeed a relaxing night. I am blessed to have these people! :)

February 22, 2013

Copious amount of merriment

Me and my long time friend Stephen right after playing badminton one Sunday afternoon with friends. Redscale Lomography film; Action Sampler. 2012.
(The first part is mostly about me blabbing about stuff. The last part, though, makes sense (kind of)) 

I can't remember clearly the last time I felt merry, but every time I hear old songs, even those that sing about unrequited love, I am pretty sure that, at one point, among those years, I was merry with the same song in the background. It doesn't mean I am never merry recently. It's Sunday and the neighbor's radio is playing old songs. Something to appreciate about because I am kind of tired listening to the same songs over and over in my playlist. With all the new music released day by day, all those songs that I used to sing a decade (or more) ago feel new. And it's a good thing. It is making me love them more.

When I was a kid (10 years old below), I remember singing songs every Sunday afternoon in our garden. Standing on a very old wooden table made by my father. There was a very long wired antenna that you use for hand-held radios which my siblings use for fun. Hand-held radios were in that time. So I used that very long wired antenna as a microphone. And when everyone is taking their afternoon nap or busy inside our home and my friends are in their homes, I go there to perform. I don't think anyone has ever seen me perform on that long wooden table. My audience were my mother and father's plants. Or maybe they did and they just didn't want to ruin my fantasy of being a great singer. And when I'm done, I would lie down and read Archie comics or any book. When I look back to those days, I can see merriment in each moment. I miss simple joys like that.

Now that I'm older, it's still easier to feel merry because I am free to do what I want but there's a shady part that tells me I'm just forcing myself to be merry because people recently make me feel bad. Thus it isn't purely merriment that I feel. I force myself because what else can I do? I don't want to dive into sadness because of other people's negativity that I got for a week. It doesn't make me less of a person when I force my self to be merry, does it?

I'm glad for easy Sundays like now. It feels like heaven because I don't have to deal with complicated things and egoistic people. I'm sure you know what I mean when somebody just fucks you up and belittles you at school or work. On most Sundays, I get to do a lot of simple things such as reading books, listening to old songs and reminisce (sometimes get teary-eyed and thankful for those moments), write down ideas (some are good, some are too impossible to make but who knows?), being able to write something in a journal, and simply just talking with my family. It may not be the most fun to do but there's merriment in those simple things. Just making things easy and taking things lightly. I'm grateful for this life. Bring on the weekdays!

February 19, 2013

Postcards from Germany, Poland, Spain and Japan

These are the first four postcards I received through Postcrossing.

Cards from the top clockwise: (1) Anke from Germany, (2) Urszula from Poland, (3) Gezabel from Spain, and (4) Saki from Japan. 

Dear Anke, thank you for your beautiful Christmas card. I have never been to your country but when the time comes that I'll be able to visit Germany, I would probably find some Ballonblume flowers. Also, I would love to see those beautiful illuminations in your town during Christmas season!

Dear Urszula, thank you for sharing to me your favorite Christmas song. I tried to find it on the internet but I couldn't find any. I found something with the same title but it's not in English like how you wrote the lyrics. So, I'll assume this is the song. It sounds merry to me and one thing is for sure, I would love to speak Polish soon. Maybe learn a few words? Thank you again! :)

Dear Gezabel, thank you for this postcard. I adore the three stamps so much because I have a thing for guitars. I've never seen these kind of guitars around my country so I'm happy that you've given me these. I have never read The Diary Of Anne Frank but I'll try to find a copy of it so I could read it soon. Also, I don't have a favorite poet. I wanna share to you a poem that I recently liked:

 Vol De Nuit by Barbara Crooker

Now, isn't that more elegant than
taking the Red-Eye?
And don't you love it when the flight attendant
(Remember when she used to be a stewardess?
When everything matched her uniform,
even her luggage, and her makeup was heavy
and impeccable?) hands out pillows, blankets
soft as babies' dreams, eye masks,
ear plugs -- everything Mother would do
but tuck you in and read you a story.
Or maybe she does -- think of the fable
she recites at the beginning of the flight.
Or did you think it was true, that oxygen
miraculously drops from above if the cabin
pressure fails? That your seat cushion becomes
a life preserver if you fall into the black night
of the North Atlantic? That emergency lights
will twinkle and glow, illuminate your path
to the exit chute, little constellations of hope?
Never mind. Relax into your backrest
of many positions. Enjoy the multi-course
many-sectioned meal brought to you hot,
without a kitchen in sight. Hear the tinkle
of the cart as she progresses down the aisle,
find the channel with jazz or blues, and voilà,
you're in Paris already, hours ahead of time.
So the pâté and camembert come in tin foil,
and the roll's hard as an iceberg. Thousands
of miles are rushing under your feet
beneath these silver wings. Soon,
you'll be racing the dawn, as morning throws
her rosy covers over the sky. Brioches,
café au lait, croissants and café noir will roll
down the aisles. You'll begin your long descent
from the land of the clouds. Things
may have shifted overhead. Everyone is speaking
in tongues, and none of them are yours.
You must go to le contrôle de passeports,
and you will need to declare: business
or pleasure. Someone is meeting you
at the gate; he's carrying a baguette
and a single red rose, knows the minute
your plan touches the tarmac.
Now you have reclaimed your luggage,
passed through customs, and entered
the terminal, where the rest
of your life is waiting.

Dear Saki, thank you for this cross-stitch inspired card. I haven't read Gideon Oliver series but I'll probably do once I find them in our local bookshops. I know now that there are nine books (or are there more?) in that series. Whew! That's a lot! :p Anyway, thank you for your recommendation and take care! :)

February 16, 2013

Avocado Fried Egg

It's one of those fruity breakfasts again! I had some mangosteen, orange juice and avocado fried egg recipe that I saw online! Here is the recipe:

Ingredients: (for 1 serving)
1 avocado
1 egg
Olive oil
Sea salt & pepper

Slice the avocado into halves.
In a pan, fry the avocado and put the egg into the hole.
Flip it for a while to cook the egg. Then flip again.
Put salt and pepper.

Avocado is so good to my tummy. I never knew it would taste good with egg for breakfast! :D

February 13, 2013

Blueberry still nights

I scored these little blueberry candles for 40 percent of its original price. I kind of miss spending still and silent nights, so it was a good sign: that I should spend at least one night a week to relax my mind. To not think of anything too complicated and spend the time to be grateful for being able to see, smell, hear, taste, and feel. 

My room smelled like a blueberry field. So heavenly! It's scent is so perfect that I consider that night the most relaxing I've had for this year yet. And it excites me to think that there will be more nights like that. :)

February 10, 2013

Asparagus Omelet Recipe

2 beaten eggs
1 tbsp oil
3 blanched asparagus, chopped
salt to taste

you can add:
1 tbsp parsley
3 tbsp peas

Cook eggs in oil until nearly set.
Add asparagus and salt (parsley and peas, if you have).
Fold omelet.
Cook until done.

I used butter instead of oil. I like using butter when frying eggs. Also, I added tomatoes in it because I like my scrambled eggs with sweet tomatoes.

February 7, 2013

Mini family get-together

It was one happy night! No bad vibes whatsoever. I miss family gatherings like this :') Looking forward for more. Props to Milca family for hosting this very random event. I'm so grateful for these people. I wish someday we'll all be complete. I kind of miss having a mini get-together with my own family as well. Soon.


Because even if there are people who try to bring you down all the time, there are other people who lift you up higher than where you are now. These people are part of your family. Real family. I'm so blessed to have them. :')

All photos by Zillah M. :)

February 5, 2013

You're dumb as well

I am hurt. In fact, my eyes are swollen that I can't almost see clearly. I don't even know how to start this or should I publish it on my blog. Trying to heal this pain through words. There is hate everywhere. You can hate anyone, anytime. And now I think I am in that state. Although hate is a heavy word but I can't find anything else to describe what I feel from being hurt. I may never remember the last time I cried in a public transportation going home but I'm pretty sure that life had slapped me in the face just like what happened a while ago. I think nobody deserves to feel so little in life that what you do is irrelevant in this world. I always consider small things -- even ideas so little -- very relevant because things always start small. I hate being wronged but I always considered being criticized. Being wronged all the time is much worse. I don't know why I am always wronged by someone who I kind of look up to which just concludes that this someone plainly thinks I am dumb. It seems to me that what I am is lesser that what I think I am. That I don't deserve to be relevant in this aspect of life. That engineering isn't for me because I'm dumb simply because my suggestions and ideas are wrong that a person could just ignore it and leave me hanging. Although I can't hear tongues speaking about how wrong I am but I can feel it. He always makes me feel it.

I've been battling this for a long time now and I can't bear anymore this hurt simply because I don't think I deserve this way. I deserve this aspect of life because, well, I'm almost done with it. I am not perfect but nobody has the right to make me feel dumb simply because I don't think I am. Unless you're perfect in this field of life. I've been going through a lot of failures but I never considered myself seriously dumb that all my ideas are wrong. No one can just ignore someone's ideas simply because they don't like it, wise and clever people consider small ideas to be a basis and then grow from there.

I'm crying because it just hurts so much. I know, I will be okay later but I just had to let this pain go. How can an imperfect human being ignore someone's ideas/suggestions and make her feel misplaced. I hate it. I hate it so much that I'm going to remind myself that once that person fails at one point in his life, I will be the first one to laugh out loud and say that hey, you're dumb as well.

February 2, 2013

The Wedding in Cagayan de Oro City

My first adventure for this year was spent to a travel north which took around 10 hours drive from Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City. Together with family, relatives, and my brother's friends, we traveled and had seen beautiful landscapes in Northern Mindanao, Philippines.

We went to Cagayan de Oro City because my second brother, Junjun, got married to Anna. She is from the north and so my family got to see her relatives and stroll around the city as well. It's my first time in Cagayan de Oro and I have no photos to share except for mostly on-the-road ones. Too bad.

Thick fog in Buda

Pillow fight with my roommates: Melanie & Jacquilyn

The next day, Junjun and Anna got married. :)

Slicing of the cake! (Photo by Zillah)

Zillah, my brother (the groom), me and Dindin

The next day, we decided to visit Divine Mercy Shrine before heading home (another 10-hour travel).

Jacquilyn, Melanie, Karen, me, Caridad

Every girl must wear a skirt before going up. Good thing there were skirts available for rent. After visiting this spectacular sacred place, we traveled again going back home. I wish I took photos of the city during the night. It's a crowded city but fun especially at night. If I could go back next time, I'll probably do a documentation, seriously. :) Anyway, it was good to be out of town for a while and witness love on the first Saturday of the year. It's a good sign. This year will be a better one! :)
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