January 20, 2013

Trembling words and emotions

Hi. This is my first time to write something on my blog for this year. All those posts since January we're written last year and just posted on queue. I thought that I could write something in the early weeks of January. I thought that I could write something about the holidays -- how it went, how fun it was. But then I, obviously, did not. I could not. Sometimes I'm just running out of words. And sometimes I don't know how to express how I feel. But here I am. I'm writing again.

Life has been good to me lately. Although most of the time I am sad because of this and that. But overall, when I look back since day one of this year, it has been good to me. Some things and habits don't change even if I force to change it. Maybe I should slow down at stopping instead of doing it suddenly. The problem is I'm poor at always reminding myself. I'll work on it.

I have written resolutions for this year. Aside from the too personal goals, I have decided to at least read 20 books and cook at least 12 recipes. I won't stop sending letters and cards and go for a healthy lifestyle. It's funny because I'm not the kind of person who sticks with goals. In the past, my goals are almost done, half done, or never even touched. I'm hoping half, if not all, of these goals will be achieved. 

Even though I haven't written since the holidays that doesn't mean I'm not reading other blogs. I have and I am inspired by other people's stories. Most of what I have read so far, people choose 1 word for this year. Without any deep thinking, I thought my word for this year will be focus. But I don't know if it works since I don't really know what to focus on. There are a lot of groups of stuff that need to be solely focused but I feel all of them are of the same level of importance to my life. So, I've decided to create levels of importance for these things inside my head. Academics go first. I need to finish it this year. I need to because I feel the pressure that I really, really need to work. Not only because I have to gain money but also I want to experience how it is to work for myself (even if I'm clumsy).

Aside from working on academics, I want to get involved to new people and new ideas. I will not be shy to admit to you that I have bad experiences with other people. Maybe because I am too sensitive about my feelings. When a person makes me feel bad, I walk away from that event or situation. But I'm glad for real friends who are always positive in life. There are countless of them and I'm so grateful about that. 

I'm looking forward to another twirly year. I hope that everything will be fine and let ourselves become much better than what we were last year. Have a good one! :)


  1. All the best for the year 2013 Debie! :)

    1. Thank you for that energetic & positive vibes, Azra! Wishing you the best as well ;)

  2. heres to the new year!
    as for resolutions, you're amazing for making them! i havent even made any i feel like i'll never get around to making som ehtat i'll actually keep :/ i'd love to read more too though!

    btw im hosting a giveaway for a cute clothing boutique and i'd love for you to enter it if you'd like :) i hope you'll check it out! <3

    The DayLee Journal

  3. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Great that you have set yourself goals for the new year. Knowing what you want is already half of the achievement.


  4. A wonderful word to choose, Debie.
    I hope you finish this year too, will be thinking of you!
    Ronnie xo


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