December 29, 2012

Cherish The Love We Have Mix

Cherish The Love We Have is a collection of songs played mainly by a saxophone. These songs are intended to play while having dinner with someone you love.

Inspiration? One time at school, my friend and I talked about dinner dates and what would be the best music for it. I told him I could make a mix so he can play it for his future dates!

I adore saxophone music so much. It's sexy and elegant, and just perfect to listen to with someone you love very deeply. I hope you enjoy listening to this mix. 

If you're listening to this, please tell me what's your most favorite among the 8 tracks. I would love to know. Mine would be It Might Be You. I get teary-eyed (sometimes I cry hard lol) when I listen to it. :)

*If you want a copy of this mix (for free), please don't hesitate to email me ( or simply leave a comment.

December 26, 2012

Handmade Postcard Swap -- Hot Air Balloon Card

April of Designs Of Artisan Blog created a Handmade Postcard Swap event last November. I was pretty excited about it since a month before that I just joined Postcrossing (I sent ready-made postcards for that though). Snail mail is still the best. Most especially if they are handmade. I'm thankful for those people who still find meaning in snail mails! :)

We have to make two postcards for two people and we'll receive two from them as well. Although I am not so artsy enough, I managed to create something handmade. I wanted to paint but the idea of making a design made up of cut outs would be lovely (also because I suck at painting, haha). So, I decided to create a hot air balloon-inspired card for Rochelle and Aya.


Also, at the back of the postcard, I wrote a haiku about hot air balloons. 

Slowly going high
up across the sunny sky.
Watch birds travel by.

I hope someday I could ride in a hot air balloon and watch over the world like a boss. :p

P.S. Merry Christmas!! :)

December 23, 2012

Scrapbook 815

Cloudy days sure make me do things I rarely do like scrapbooking!

Priscilla from The Readables made awesome prints!

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."

"Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries. Life gives up, life tries. But life looks different through everyone's eyes." -- Anonymous

December 20, 2012

Postcrossing: cards sent to Germany, China and Netherlands

Months ago, I was introduced to Postcrossing -- a social network where members are given random addresses to send postcards to. Each member receives some as well. (To know more about it, visit their website and join us!) The idea is pretty exciting, isn't it? So, I entered without any doubt and got my first five addresses.

I bought ready-made cards from National Bookstore. I was trying to find pretty and cheap cards but to no avail. I ended up buying not so expensive, not so cheap but pretty nice glossy card about Philippines for my first set of recipients. Next time, I'm making my own. :)

If sending postcards is your thing (surprisingly for me, I've been dealing with so much postcard exchange nowadays and I'm loving it!)  then sign up to Postcrossing and start buying or making your own postcards! Just in case you want to see a full photo of each postcards I sent, visit my postcrossing page!

December 17, 2012

I want to imagine a love that stays

An excerpt of the letter I sent to someone I love: 

From the time our favorite record is playing its first song up to the last, I will dance with you without any complaints. I want to feel your body, your hands on my waist, and mine around your neck. We'll sway our body to the wonderful music, look eye to eye and kiss whenever we want to. I want to imagine a love that is driven by a beautiful melody. I want to imagine a love that stays even without it.


On a Saturday night,  we'll watch movies together, sitting side by side, covering our bodies with our favorite quilt, and having a bottle of wine. We'll watch anything even dumb television shows and kiss in between because it is better than watching scripted kissing scenes. I want to imagine a love that gets more romantic through a bottle of wine. But most of all, I want to imagine a love that stays even if the bottle is empty.

December 14, 2012

Have we not established that the little things are the big things?

How amazing it is to realize that over the years, the little things that I've done make up the big things that I at least consider. For other people, I may not have done enough but then I don't live up to someone's standards anymore. (I used to and it's ugly).

I'm thankful that I have documented almost everything in life. Some things don't change but I'm glad most things do. Oh life, you are like a plain sky to me at times but whenever I look back to all the days I've lived, you showed me the brightest rainbow in the sky. I will do more little things, step by step. And so, when I look back again, I am sure it's going to be bigger than what I consider now. It's inspiring; it's addictive to live life simply but progressively. So I will go on and on until my last days. 

We only live once, so we might as well do things right.

December 11, 2012

The Von Trapps: Live in SM Lanang Premier

The Sound of Music must be my all-time favorite musical film. For many years now, the movie has inspired a lot of people to do musical shows in different parts of the world. Truly this musical, emotional, funny and historical movie has greatly captured the hearts of generations to generations from the year it has made. The story of the Von Trapp family and their passion for music are fancied by a myriad of individuals.

Last December 7 2012, SM Lanang Premier offered a Yuletide gift for Dabawenyos by inviting the great grandchildren of Captain Georg Ludwig and Maria von Trapp namely Sofia, Amanda, Justin and Melanie. During the press conference held in Bistro Selera they shared that they have been performing to different parts of the world for 12 years now. By continuing the family's tradition, they perform on stage some classical songs including songs from The Sound of Music.

Singing is not difficult for them since it has become their hobby. They are also acquainted to musical instruments: Melanie plays guitar, Sofia and Amanda play piano, and Justin plays ukelele. According to them, they are the only ones in their family's generation who sing. Although some of their relatives are into music, they don't make it as their career.

The group has an outstanding performance of five songs namely The Sound of Music, Jingle Bells, Do Re Mi, Winter Wonderland, Edelweiss and SM Christmas Jingle.

The tenderness and captivating voices altogether have taken us magically into the film. It was surreal.

Here are two video clips of their performances on stage:

To know more about them, visit their web page: The Von Trapps

December 8, 2012

Gardening: First Tomato

First ripe tomato in our little garden. The weather has been very bad lately. Look at those leaves. I hope they will bear more tomatoes like before. I'm still thankful for this little one, though. So fresh! :)

Spotted bell peppers after 6 months! It's our first time to plant bell peppers at home.

And aloe vera! I secretly cut one leaf whenever I feel like putting some on my hair. Kudos to my cousin for taking care of these plants. My flowers died because of the ugliest weather in August. I think I'll plant herbs or veggies than flowers now. :)

December 5, 2012

Humble Pie Vintage

Last November, I won Humble Pie Vintage's giveaway. Arielle, the owner of the blog, has a lot of awesome vintage stuff and she's so generous to share it with her readers. I got the package roughly three weeks after she sent it. Here are the stuff I got:


A vintage match box.


Look, it's very old but still very pretty. 


A vintage necklace.


Two vintage photographs. I wonder who took these shots. I wonder what camera and film were used. 


It came with a herringbone (or zigzag?) patterned-card!

Thank you very much, Arielle. You know it's my first time to win a blog giveaway. These stuff are special to me especially that they are vintage! I love anything vintage.:)

Also, she picked me as the Blogger for November which was cool because I got to work with her thrice. I answered an interview, made a mixtape: Let's Fall In Love Like They Did In The Old Days and wrote about Davao City, Philippines.

Thank you very much, Arielle. It was very nice to work with you. November wouldn't be much productive if it wasn't for you. It was great collaborating with you as it's my first time to do it. So, thank you very much! :)

December 2, 2012

Life will always be confusing

At 20, I thought that life will be easier to live; that I have experienced enough to face problems on my own. I thought all my choices are going to be all right. I thought that I can do everything I want because I am technically not a teenager anymore; no one could stop me from all my choices. So I spent days outside the city mostly, going to other places within the region, going to friends' houses and eat/drink a lot, many nights were spent at the beach and many days ended up not able to talk because I drank too much alcohol. It was fun. Everything were all  I ever wanted. I planned summer outings and even regular days and nights whenever there are no classes or there's a holiday. I enjoyed everything I did. I loved every single bit of it. It was perfect.

At 21, I admit that I was undecided but just fine. I was puzzled and suddenly I became focused on other things. It was a year of realizations for me. Realizations on life in general and then going through each bit of it. I admit it was difficult. Confusing. I knew I had to challenge myself. I needed to hear what I really want. It was more like looking very deeply to the core of my heart -- what should be done, what challenges to take, what other stuff to try, what to achieve and what to break. I listened and looked very closely. Little by little, I understood. It was the hardest choices I've ever done but it made life a bit lighter but still confusing.

At 22, life is still confusing but life is more focused. Although I admit life is blurry at some point but I figured it has always been like that. What's new? Nothing, except that it isn't that heavy. I learned that it's perfectly okay to feel confused at life because it is constantly moving; it is changing. Life has something new to offer and I am very excited for it. Whatever it may be, I know I will be okay.

So don't question why life is confusing because it will always be confusing. Search questions, discover answers, and when you do things, do it because you love to. There will be a lot of choices in life but choose the ones that make you happy. After all, living life is living with content, love and happiness.
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