November 29, 2012

Missed Connection: pointy-goatee-nerdy boy!

We were standing near the center stage while watching bands play awesome music. It was before Urbandub's set started when I noticed you. You were wearing eye glasses and your goatee looks so, uhm, cute. I have a thing for those two things at least. By the way, is that an Ateneo shirt?

Urbandub played their first song, it was fantastic to see them play again twice in a month! I was singing along and I noticed your lips mouthed the lyrics as well. You weren't like those guys to your right -- jumping, singing very loudly, and, obviously, drunk. I saw you look at them and kind of thrilled. It made me smile to see a portion of your smile. Maybe it amuses you to see drunkards acting very good at being drunkards? Me, too.

Now on to the next song, people were too excited. Until we were very close to each other. Skin to skin. Well, almost. It was fun. I didn't know what to do but instead of being a creep, I just sang along with the music.

I wanted to take a photo of you so I could write about you -- the boy I met at Rockfest during Urbandub's set. It was wonderful, really, to feel something to a stranger you barely know but pretty sure loves the same music as you do. Awesome moment. So I took a photo of you, I hope you don't mind? 

Yep, I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I typing here? See you around, pointy-goatee-nerdy boy!

November 26, 2012

Tanduay Rhum Rockfest Year 6

Who says OPM (Original Pinoy Music) is dead?! Thanks to Tanduay Rhum for bringing awesome Pinoy rock bands in Davao City and for reminding us that OPM is definitely alive and kicking! I got the Press/Sponsors pass so I was able to go near the stage but didn't get to go backstage thus no fan pics for me *sob* but it was worth it! :)

So, I'll just dump some of the photos I took. I didn't get to take photos of some of the bands, though. I prefer being *in the moment* than worrying to take proper photos of them. Heh. And the camera drained in the last performances. I went with Don, Dabuy and Kevin but I didn't see them right after since there were 35 thousand people and I went near the stage to take photos. I enjoyed singing along, dancing along, and I met some friends (Cybele, Chito, Ally and two others), too! Also, I was reunited with Shem after years of not seeing each other! After the concert, I tried to find Don but my phone drained. I felt bad because they were looking for me but I went home with Shem around 2 in the morning. 

Ok, photo dump!

Six Cycle Mind

Dong Abay

The Dawn


Chito and Rico
All the Rock Royalties are on stage!

Jay of Kamikazee
Who would have thought I'd see Wolfgang live?! I love Wulbsssgang!
Rico Blanco *his costume!*
Gloc 9. He raps so fast. He's so fast that all the photos I took of him are all blurry. (lol)
I know I missed to take photos of some bands. If I could extract the sights I saw that night from my memory and show it here, I would! Hahaha Anyway, thank you again Tanduay Rhum for this awesome concert! Everyone had a good time! See you guys next year!! :)

November 23, 2012

Urbandub @ Abreeza Mall


Last October (I know, this is too late), Urbandub played for an hour in Abreeza Mall! My best friend, Eileen, and I were so excited to see them again. The last time we saw them was Octoberfest 2008. I remember dancing around, jumping, and singing along right in front of them! We were very lucky to be one of the VIPs (thanks to Eileen's sister who was part of the organizing team!)

We were also very lucky this time to have free passes for this show. Thanks to our high school friend Shimea for letting us in for free! We also spotted another high school friend Joel who was very lucky to interview them right after the show. We should work for teams like this so we could eat dinner right after the event and then maybe take photos and get closer to these awesome musicians! :)

It was very disappointing because they didn't want us to stand up and enjoy the music even if the musicians told us to stand up. There were bouncers in front. But my best friend and I were lucky to jam in front of them during their first song: First of Summer. The bouncers couldn't do anything about it because we didn't want to sit down and the musicians were playing already. I like the moment when Gab (vocalist) looked at the two of us!! Maybe he liked looking at us because we weren't holding any camera unlike most of the kids beside us. We were there, looking at them, singing along with them, swaying our bodies like there were no people at the back! We were in the moment and Gab witnessed it! 

For the rest of the show, the bouncers told us to sit down. I didn't want to sit down because that would be boring. But what else can we do :( We sat on the floor near the stage; it was somehow better. Here's a video when they played The Fight Is Over. My best friend and I are singing along! Sorry :)

P.S. John (lead guitarist) tweeted about the video. He said: "sweet video" yeeeeeee *blushing for eternity*

November 20, 2012

Gardening: last full bloom

It was its last full bloom. Beautiful things sometimes don't last but I'm glad of the months it has given me beautiful blooms which made most of my days all right. :)

November 17, 2012

Jasmine and the merry-go-round

This is my niece Jasmine. She's 5 years old. She's curious, hyper and wise. I like babysitting her but most of the time, I get headaches because she asks a lot of questions. And when I throw her questions back, she answers it very cleverly.

One of her wishes was to ride the merry-go-round. These pictures were taken on her first time to ride the merry-go-round. She was very excited and happy!

While she was there, she looked at every tiny bits that surrounded her. The lights, the paints, the pole and even the pulley below the horsie she's on. She's one curious kid!

A simple little girl who has a lot of questions in mind! I'm happy to have witnessed her grow up and I am excited to witness her become a lady. :)

November 14, 2012

The Great Gatsby

[ It's different when you write about the novel right after (or maybe days after) you've finished reading it than writing about it after a month(s). So I end up recalling everything which takes time. Good thing I have my Field Notes notebook to jot down the things or points of the story. Who doesn't like writing ideas on a pretty notebook? Heh]

Sometimes having material pleasures doesn't mean you're going to be fully happy. Sometimes it makes you sad. Especially when your dreams are too difficult to achieve. It may seem to be very easy for you to achieve them but the truth is, wealth can not give you everything you want in life.

Everyone in this book seems to be unsatisfied and Jay Gatsby is no exception. Even if your dream is right there in front of you, it seems very difficult for you to get. Because no matter how rich you are, these material things can't buy all the happiness in the world.

This book is a good read. It tackles not just romance but issues such as moral values, economic status, poverty, and materialism among others. It is a story of hope, frustration and tragedy. Remember: money doesn't always equate to happiness.

November 11, 2012

I Want Peace Concert: Barbie Almalbis

Last September, I volunteered for I Want Peace Concert in University of Mindanao. Among the great bands that played were the main artists Malay & Barbie Almalbis. Honestly, I was not there to see them but the idea of volunteering for RockEd Philippines sounds great. It's been years since I want to engage activities to that group and this is the first time I've ever volunteered for them. 

Barbie Almalbis was one of the female rock stars I adore back in elementary and high school. And I never knew I would fall in love with her music again after years. She was the last one to play and I found myself sitting in front of her, looking at her and listening to her lovely voice. 

When she played my favorite songs of her, I realized: I still love this girl! I was singing along and I feel happy for my 14-year-old self.

I felt nostalgic while singing along some old songs that I still surprisingly love! I couldn't help myself but to sing the words that were familiar to me. Childhood memories rushed inside my head when she played Tabing Ilog, Money For Food & Goodnyt. 

I had dinner around midnight with all the bands and organizers after the concert. It was a privilege to be part of the team. Thank you, Rock Ed Philippines and OPPAP for making this concert happen. I'd love to see you again, Barbie! :)

November 8, 2012

Contemplating things over a glass of wine

This is my favorite bottle of wine for the past two months! I remember having cough a day after I had a couple of shots. Hahaha still good though. As an introvert, I enjoy being with myself, contemplating things over a glass of wine or any drink. Don't worry, I don't drink too much; just a small amount to keep me grounded while planning things for the following days, months and years. Yes, I have a lot of plans and surprisingly they don't disappear even when I'm sober. And that's a good thing!

November 5, 2012

I Love You, Too

I love you, too. :) 

I know that I don't always get an A+ in whatever I do but I do things with good intentions. So to those people, who value, love, and care for me deeply, THANK YOU! I wouldn't be happy whenever I get sad if not because of you. You guys raise me up every time I'm down (and sometimes even whenever I'm in the verge of being depressed). You guys are my stress relievers, my happy pills. 

*Credits to Yanyan for this picture. 

November 2, 2012

My textile card to Karina Rios

I have been following Karina Rios's blog for a while now and her idea of textile letters sounds very exciting. So when I knew about it, I instantly, without any doubt, emailed her about me wanting to participate! I wanted to write letters to strangers from other countries so this could be a start! (Hey, email me if you want some letters, too! I would gladly send you some!) It's funny because she was actually the first one to send me a letter even if I was the one who asked. Thank you, Karina! :)

You know that feeling when you find something exciting and you just want to dive in to that without thinking twice because, well, the idea is super fun? That's what I did. I wanted to participate even if I am not good at designing using textiles. (I am very bad at sewing, to be honest! Back in grade 6, I hated the time when our Home Education teacher wanted us to make shorts! Mine was too short and ugly. I passed though.) So, I tried to make a card using some buttons and threads. I enjoyed making them! :)

I got her some pocket I bought from a textile store in China Town! It's made of a local cloth usually used for Malongs. :)

Karina sent me a random list. What's in it? Sorry, it's just for me. So, I gave her a list of the things I love!

Thank you very much, Karina! I actually giggled when the mail man told me I have a letter from Copenhagen! I wasn't really expecting that you will send me first! You are so sweet. Stay sweet, creative and very nice. :)
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