October 13, 2012

Textile Letter from Karina Rios

I got a letter from Karina in Copenhagen. She's a textile designer and has been sending and receiving textile letters from people all over the world. Inspired by the textile letters she received, I emailed her and asked if I can send and receive one, too! I am not an expert when it comes to textiles but I am working on my letter for her. :)

She shared in her letter that in the Summertime, she likes visiting pea markets and always looks out for vintage textiles; embroidery, bobbin lace, and hand-woven towels. Weaving is special for her and is very close to her heart.

"This photo is from an exhibition with the embroidery technique Hedebo very complicated to make. I have just started to make again."

Pressed fern leaf from Assistens.

Thank you, Karina, for your beautiful letter! Your works are so lovely to look at. Your talent is amazing. I love all these samples you've woven for pillows! I love touching them because they're soft! Thank you for making me part of your textiles letters. I know my letter is a bit late. But I am working on it now. :)


  1. What gorgeous fabrics, I love your textile letters.

    Just letting you know i'm hosting a giveaway at the moment, hope you enter: http://www.underlockandkeyblog.com/2012/10/flora-beauty-giveaway.html

  2. This is so beautiful, Debie Grace. Thanks for sharing these shots with us...
    Ronnie xo

  3. Yep, they are so beautiful and soft! :D


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