October 24, 2012


These people defining other people's lives;
acting like they're some kind of a higher sort
of being; like they have the right to control
them. Who are like puppeteers
except that they are evil
at heart and mind.
To sneak in and hear other voices talk,
trying to grasp every single information
of every single happy thought.
They naturally just turn it around
and make your dreams seem
Don't trust these people; even trying to
pray for their souls because it has been
prayed over and over by satan's little angels.
Selfishness is their kindness.
Unity means division.
Their heart and mind see the opposite.
And the opposite is always the best.
They like seeing scars; playing with your
emotions; turning your mind around.
They make you feel welcome to a party.
Be careful!
Everyone in the party knows who you
are. They know the things about you
that don't know about.
Simply because they know the opposite.
Opposites which are being told
and made up by these little monsters.
These little monsters will live longer.
So, it's useless when you wish they'd
realize things when they're older. They'll
not realize the badness of it. They'll realize
the opposite until their lives end.
There is no chance to change these kind
of beings. Pity them because they have
an opposite heart and mind.
A heart and mind that you should run
away from before it reaches out to your own.

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