September 6, 2012

The joy being with happy friends is priceless

It was a humid afternoon and I wanted to be out with friends. I've been wanting to try Glenn's Pintail for a long time now and we planned to play longboarding days before. On a Friday, around quarter to three when Glenn asked me if we'll go play, I undoubtedly gave it a go! So here we are playing over one longboard. Hahahaha! 


* Myt being a rock star!
Glenn and his very own Pintail!

Myt on board and Mark with his Holga Lomo cam



It was Myt, Mark and Tip's first time to play longboard. And I think they got addicted to it.

* Mark! Also, skimmer duuuuude!

* Tip!

* Yay!
It was a fun 3-hour play! It would be nice if we all have our own boards, though. Also, it would be nice if I know some tricks (but I don't want to see blood... so no, I won't practice anything hahaha) :P I just love playing longboarding. The sense of balance relaxes my mind and body. And the joy being with happy friends is priceless.  :)

All photos are mine except for some taken from Tip's camera (captioned with an asterisk).

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