September 22, 2012

Moving closer and closer and closer

I feel like moving closer although I am not sure what is there. All these happenings forced me to change my attitude, views and way of thinking in which I think will lead me for the betterment of myself. It happened so fast that it took me a while to realize that it has a big impact in my life. During that time, it is in the process of building up and, little did I know, after a while the abstract is making its own clarity. Some things really force you to grow up... even if you don't want to. You have to and you must. The changes in other persons' lives will definitely, somehow, change yours too. Any way you view it, we are interconnected with each other (whether you like it, or not).

I say betterment of myself because even though sometimes it hurts, I learn something.

Looking forward for more as I am still young to say I learned a lot. There are more problems to face and more laughter to make. I am not only moving closer there but I am grasping everything, soaking up everything, lovely or not.


  1. When I read your reflections on life, I get the feeling that it's written by a wise person. I think that you really must be one, but don't forget to find some time to be cheerful and enjoy yourself.

  2. Wow. Thank you, Olga. Your comment made me smile and blush knowing it's written by you! :)


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