September 26, 2012

Love can be everything


It's not solely about having someone to romanticize with rather something that I know I will forever cherish. It doesn't mean I can't love someone for a long time, though. I could and we could do something that he might love, too.

It could be anything that makes you feel good. Such as songs that keep you sane; television series that take away your stress; books that help you escape from reality; or movies that you still love no matter how many times you've watched them.

It could be watching the sunrise. To feel the sunlight on your skin which reminds you that you are alive and you are capable of laughing among all other things. Or it could be watching the sunset. To remind you to slow down because tomorrow's going to be another day. To remind you to take a rest because being alive doesn't always mean to take actions of everything and finish everything in a day. You have to rest for it has been a productive one.

It could be being with friends, laughing, talking, dancing, singing, walking, running, getting a massage, drinking tea or coffee while watching the rain outside your window, or maybe being with someone in the rain. It could be wearing your favorite shirt, being in your favorite place at home, school, or in a coffee shop surrounded by strangers along with their favorite cup of coffee. Also, books. It could be gardening, writing in a piece of paper or notebook, or blogging.

It could be shared to others by talking, hugging, cuddling, kissing, holding hands or you know what I mean. At least looking eye-to-eye with someone you know very deeply.


It is not only a feeling but also an act. If you are happy with your actions, then that's love.

Everyone is capable to love.
Everyone deserves to feel it.


  1. So true. Love is so much more than a feeing.

    More often than not, real love is action taken.

    Ronnie xo

  2. Indeed, Ronnie. Things should always be surrounded by love and intended through love. :)


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