July 13, 2012


Isn't it unlikely to find a snake in the city? It's unlikely, but it's possible!

Days before the capture, Tiya P told us that she found a tail of a snake (most probably that long in the third photo because she exclaimed it's big!) in the ceiling while resting in her bed one afternoon. We didn't believe her because as what my brother said it is impossible to find a snake in the city and if there is, it could have been seen earlier if it is really big. That was most likely my thought after I heard about it. Also, she might have just seen something else -- a rat or a cat or something. It's kind of dim inside her house so she might not be so sure.

Tiya P's house is right beside ours. Just thought you should know. Anyway, so...

Two nights after, Kuya D and Kuya J were drinking after work at home. It was around 8 PM. I was washing dishes after dinner when Kuya D saw a tail of a snake hanging on the firewall. But Kuya J said maybe he's just drunk (of course, they were hahaha) that what he really saw was just a tail of a rat. But Kuya D insisted it was a snake so he told my brother J (not Kuya J, I'm feeling stupid explaining this but anyway) to look upstairs and check. So...

My brother went upstairs and I, who wasn't aware of what was going on, was still washing the dishes. My brother went back and said he found a snake on Tiya P's roof! And most likely could have crawled up to our veranda and most probably went to my room because out of three windows, mine was widely open did he not put on a light to it! Everyone in the house were looking at each other eye-to-eye and then went upstairs. We were like kids in elementary doing the fire drill at school but we weren't going downstairs instead running toward the veranda. It was actually a funny moment that we get to giggle for a second.

We didn't saw it because it went into a hole. It was staying in a gutter of Tiya P's roof, which is kind of attached to our firewall. They told me to call 911, and I asked jokingly about what number to call just to calm everyone hahaha :) So, anyway, I called but they were too late because my cousins, Kuya D & R, caught it!

I thought it was just a small snake like what we have in the cage but it was ten times larger! Woah! It could have been there living around the place for years! Tiya P was there in our house, and almost everyone in the village was outside trying to take a glimpse of it. I couldn't sleep right after that because I have been making conclusions about all the what if's in my head. What if it went to my room? Etc.

It took them hours to catch the snake. They had to let it go into a pipe so it would be easy to catch. I got so hysterical that night. I drank coffee around 11 in the evening because I didn't want to go to bed yet. What if it got a partner? If so, it would come and kill me while asleep. What if it got kids? And years from now, it'll come and get one of us or one by one. Crazy assumptions. But it could happen, right?

My sister told me that it could be one of those snakes, that gotten out of the cage, my Papa used to have years ago. It could be. Or, not.


  1. i'm not afraid of snakes, but don't want to come across a venemous one, which we had in the last place we lived. and certainly would freak out if i knew it was in my house!

  2. This snake wasn't venomous but looking at its length, anyone could freak out! It was pretty exciting, too. lol

  3. Oh my goodness that's a huge snake. I'm not afraid of snakes and would have been so amped to see that in person

  4. Thats a pretty big snake! I know they are garden snakes about in the backyard - it's pretty common here but i've yet to see one myself.


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