July 31, 2012

Blog Challenge: Somewhere you’d like to move or visit

If money isn't a problem, I would tour in Europe. I've always wanted to go to Paris. It's the only place I've known in France until I've met someone from Lille.

Photo dump! All photos are taken by Aurelien of Lille, France :)
These photos were taken on January 5, 2007 around 9:50 in the evening. It was during Bombsayers de Lille. According to Yanyan (I made up that name. Good thing he likes it!), Bombsayers de Lille is a joke. It means: "kisses from Lille" but Bombay is the French name for Mumbay, town in India. During the event, there were shows in different places but they didn't go. It was raining so we stayed in the car. That's why the photos are not so great and the angle is weird.

There were big and tall elephants in the place. Cars can pass under them! "Big and tall, all girls say that when they see it" :P

The station decorated as an Indian Place

I think I'd love Lille more than Paris. (My friend says Lille is better than Paris. He's being bias. Hahaha!) I may not know what's in there (like how I know the Eiffel tower in Paris) but I would love to go there. And I have to learn French. Oh, I love listening to anything French! :)

P.S. Thank you, Yanyan, for letting me use your photos! :)


  1. Yanyan6:40 AM

    Wooooo Lille!!
    But, it's Bombaysers! Not Bomsayers :D Next time, I'll take pics about monuments during day, you will see that Lille is better than Paris. No I'm not bias! Well ok...a little.

  2. Ooops, sorry! Thank you again :)

  3. They are, indeed! Credits to the photographer: Aurelien! Haha :P

  4. i love paris, not been to Lille.

    i have Morocco high on my list.

  5. I think I should consider going to Morocco, too! :P


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