July 31, 2012

Blog Challenge: Somewhere you’d like to move or visit

If money isn't a problem, I would tour in Europe. I've always wanted to go to Paris. It's the only place I've known in France until I've met someone from Lille.

Photo dump! All photos are taken by Aurelien of Lille, France :)
These photos were taken on January 5, 2007 around 9:50 in the evening. It was during Bombsayers de Lille. According to Yanyan (I made up that name. Good thing he likes it!), Bombsayers de Lille is a joke. It means: "kisses from Lille" but Bombay is the French name for Mumbay, town in India. During the event, there were shows in different places but they didn't go. It was raining so we stayed in the car. That's why the photos are not so great and the angle is weird.

There were big and tall elephants in the place. Cars can pass under them! "Big and tall, all girls say that when they see it" :P

The station decorated as an Indian Place

I think I'd love Lille more than Paris. (My friend says Lille is better than Paris. He's being bias. Hahaha!) I may not know what's in there (like how I know the Eiffel tower in Paris) but I would love to go there. And I have to learn French. Oh, I love listening to anything French! :)

P.S. Thank you, Yanyan, for letting me use your photos! :)

July 28, 2012

Letter: I want you to be strong

An excerpt from a letter I wrote for Tip's 22nd birthday:

Isn’t it calming to know that the people we know have problems, too? It means you are not the only sad person in this world. And isn’t it inspiring to know that these people can still afford to smile and laugh and dance and sing? You deserve to be happy. We both are. So, always look at the brighter side of things. 

It isn’t always sunny, I know. But I hope when things get cloudy, you will expect it to be worse. Why? Because when you expect things to be worse, you build yourself up. You make yourself stronger for an unknown catastrophe. And I want you to be strong. 

Happy birthday, Tip! :)

July 25, 2012

Stitched Cards

For the rest of Summer, I didn't get to meet up with my favorite people in the whole universe!! Because I was too lazy to go out of the house, I made sure to be somehow productive. During the whole period, I swear I didn't forget to think about them -- Eileen and Tip. I made Stitched Cards for them!! Yay :)

I am going to insert a paper somewhere in those cards to write my letter. One for Eileen and the other is for Tip. I finished these cards in May but decided not to blog about it until I've given them away. It wouldn't be fun if they know about this already. Although I don't really know if Eileen visits my blog from time to time (she does when I am online in Facebook but then I deactivated it for now because, well, Facebook is evil hahaha) and Tip only visits when he's bored, I think! Hahaha

I also made something for my scrapbook! :)

I was supposed to be making a cross stitch of the Eiffel Tower but I got discouraged so maybe I'll just do it next time. I ended up making these cards instead. Needless to say, I love my hand writing. I think it is pretty. Hahahaha :)

July 22, 2012

Writing taught me a lot about escape.

Isn't it awesome how writing takes you somewhere beautiful that you sometimes forget about what this harsh world has offered? So I write, write and write more. Sometimes I wish I took up any writing course so I will be better at writing.

Whatever it is that I am feeling, I write them down. Encapsulating the emotions in a sentence or two. Most of the time, I end up with a set of sentences. And then I feel okay. It calms me down. I am glad that works for me because writing rather than talking about it is much easy. 

I am very bad at public speaking or even just in a classroom setting. I can't arrange my ideas well. Something that I need to practice, really. Or maybe I just need some self-esteem booster. I don't know. I can talk to a couple of people (maybe one, two or less than 10), though. But I find writing a good sense of communication for me. Because I can say whatever I think is needed and important and whatnot without any interruption from someone during the processing of ideas.

That doesn't mean I don't like conversations. I do love conversing to people and strangers. And that doesn't mean I don't invite criticisms. I get that a lot and I like that I learn from other people's ideas, too. I respect anyone's ideas. 

Maybe I just want to build my ideas well before I deliver them to others, maybe this has something to do with me being obsessive-compulsive, or maybe this has something to do with me being a perfectionist. Whatever the reason is, I'm glad that in writing I can compose my ideas well. Also, it has taught me a lot about escape.

July 20, 2012

Be different

When I am bored and I could not sleep, I always end up writing stuff in/for my scrapbook.

And sometimes, I make little stuff for strangers. I plan to insert these little cards and bookmarks whenever I visit the Ateneo Library. I hope they will be inspired and keep it :)

July 16, 2012

Dear Life, I get it.

Like a ferris wheel ride, life takes a journey filled with thrill, surprises, and adventure. You sit still and brace yourself for the unknown for you will never know what you'll see, and what you have imagined might not be what you will perceive. You can be alone, with a friend or a stranger. You can shout, laugh or stay still. Life then takes you to the highest point. Most of the time, the things that you focus on will become smaller but larger as you go upward -- you see things in a larger scope. The larger it becomes, the more you have to widen your knowledge, the more you understand them as a whole. The higher you go, the more you feel responsible enough for your self.

But it goes down naturally. You can't command it to stay on top. It goes down as how it must be. This time you become familiar with the things that you've seen. That you sometimes forget about their worth -- how they excite you, thrill you, feel to you. You become less appreciative than before. The lower you go, the more scared you are to face the known. To face the same stuff you have seen before; it bores you.

But you have a freedom of choice. A freedom to choose what you want for yourself. A choice between living a boring life or a happy one. You can go for another ride and open yourself for the known but feel it in a different way. Or, you can go for a walk around the park and know the things you've seen from afar but this time closer.

It is really up to you how you want your life to be. And I hope that whatever you choose, you get the same amount of happiness or more. :)

July 13, 2012


Isn't it unlikely to find a snake in the city? It's unlikely, but it's possible!

Days before the capture, Tiya P told us that she found a tail of a snake (most probably that long in the third photo because she exclaimed it's big!) in the ceiling while resting in her bed one afternoon. We didn't believe her because as what my brother said it is impossible to find a snake in the city and if there is, it could have been seen earlier if it is really big. That was most likely my thought after I heard about it. Also, she might have just seen something else -- a rat or a cat or something. It's kind of dim inside her house so she might not be so sure.

Tiya P's house is right beside ours. Just thought you should know. Anyway, so...

Two nights after, Kuya D and Kuya J were drinking after work at home. It was around 8 PM. I was washing dishes after dinner when Kuya D saw a tail of a snake hanging on the firewall. But Kuya J said maybe he's just drunk (of course, they were hahaha) that what he really saw was just a tail of a rat. But Kuya D insisted it was a snake so he told my brother J (not Kuya J, I'm feeling stupid explaining this but anyway) to look upstairs and check. So...

My brother went upstairs and I, who wasn't aware of what was going on, was still washing the dishes. My brother went back and said he found a snake on Tiya P's roof! And most likely could have crawled up to our veranda and most probably went to my room because out of three windows, mine was widely open did he not put on a light to it! Everyone in the house were looking at each other eye-to-eye and then went upstairs. We were like kids in elementary doing the fire drill at school but we weren't going downstairs instead running toward the veranda. It was actually a funny moment that we get to giggle for a second.

We didn't saw it because it went into a hole. It was staying in a gutter of Tiya P's roof, which is kind of attached to our firewall. They told me to call 911, and I asked jokingly about what number to call just to calm everyone hahaha :) So, anyway, I called but they were too late because my cousins, Kuya D & R, caught it!

I thought it was just a small snake like what we have in the cage but it was ten times larger! Woah! It could have been there living around the place for years! Tiya P was there in our house, and almost everyone in the village was outside trying to take a glimpse of it. I couldn't sleep right after that because I have been making conclusions about all the what if's in my head. What if it went to my room? Etc.

It took them hours to catch the snake. They had to let it go into a pipe so it would be easy to catch. I got so hysterical that night. I drank coffee around 11 in the evening because I didn't want to go to bed yet. What if it got a partner? If so, it would come and kill me while asleep. What if it got kids? And years from now, it'll come and get one of us or one by one. Crazy assumptions. But it could happen, right?

My sister told me that it could be one of those snakes, that gotten out of the cage, my Papa used to have years ago. It could be. Or, not.

July 10, 2012

A little of the happy stuff.

One of my first flowers in my little garden. They look so pretty when they bloom! :)

Isn't it sadly surprising to realize that you are in the darkest and deepest point in life? You never get to do something about it while on your way down. And here you are sulking over your sad life. Everything's black and white. Then you start to blame almost everything you've touched, you've spoken to, you've been to, and mostly you blame yourself for being so stupid for not helping yourself.

Back then, I thought that I am the only twentysomething girl who goes through this because as what I see among other twentysomethings they look less troubled and less confused. But then, I will never get to know how they are inside so I just think they are also going through something deep emotionally just to calm myself. Most people tell me that being in your twenties is a roller coaster ride. Knowing that makes me feel a little lighter; these feelings I have may be normal and most likely being felt by others, too.

At this point, I am not worried anymore. I've been here many times. Again, many times. And I know my way out. Maybe this is why I let myself drown because I already know my way back up. Though sometimes it's a hard path but you'll get your way out there. I promise.

So when everything's black and white, you know it's a reminder to use a little color. And when everything feels sad, you know it's a reminder to use some happy stuff.

July 7, 2012

Something about life

"Life's too awesome to waste your time thinking about someone who doesn't treat you right." - Jack Barakat

July 4, 2012

What if I don't know what to say?

I want to write something tonight. Something about how I feel as of this moment. But instead of having this entry end lingering to the feeling I felt tonight, I decided to just have it concluded with something that will be written a month after. I want to know what will happen about this feeling after (at least) a month?

(Written on June 1, 2012) Photo taken two days ago. I just want to recall the time this photo was taken. I fell in love to the boy I have fallen for some years ago. And, funnily enough, I always smile unconsciously whenever we talk. Some years ago, we used to being so close. Then years passed, I didn't know what happened. Really. It was like, at one point, we walked to different paths and didn't even care or bid good bye to each other. We were just walking without minding about each other. We were kids back then. We didn't care much, I guess.

Then came a time, unexpectedly and surprisingly, we got to talking. We may never get to talk like how we used to back then, but at least now we are talking. Talking like we never got separated. (We never even got together as a couple. But whatever that was.) We never cared in the first place. We never cared at all. So, maybe, it was just easy for us to speak to each other again.

I don't get why I get excited talking to you. You just became more nice, I guess. You started to invite me to this and that, but I still don't know what to feel about it so I didn't give in easily. The thought about the invitation makes me giggle. Really. I don't know what I am feeling. Really. 

So I will just leave this entry hanging for now in my draft. But before that let me just describe how I am feeling tonight: excited, happy, and in-love.

(Written on July 4, 2012) Well, for a month, you've been the same. My feelings didn't change but I guess I was just surprised the first time we got to talking again. The feelings I had way back found me. I loved it. I love the feeling of being in love to the person I fell in love way, way back. It's nice, sweet and lovely. But I guess this feeling is just passing by. I know it is. It's like the feeling that was lost got its way back but not really staying longer. Those are just little fragments that are actually not making a big part of what I feel.

I love that we're good friends. We've never been enemies. We just stopped talking each other unconsciously. Maybe because of class schedule, and stuff. But it's good that we hangout still as friends like before. You're still funny, sweet and that kind of guy I fell in love way back. You're still the same. But that feeling I felt a month ago? I should forget it. :)

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