June 19, 2012

Don't Go

I could never trace back the last time we
stopped seeing each other. But I can still
remember the feeling when you held my hands,
when you wrapped me around your arms, when
your innocent eyes met my drunken ones.

When I look back to those memories, the
first thing I remember is when you fetched
me home early in the morning. Around three
o'clock. I invited you over but you said
I should go to bed. You smiled. I
smiled. You were looking at me as I
walk towards the door.

That was sweet and sad, too. Sure, we've
been to same gatherings and had small talks.
But that memory is the only thing that's
stuck in my head. I never thought it
would be the last. Now, we don't talk
like we used to. There were chances but
it was I who felt like staying in.

You should know that those small talks meant
a lot to me. Those friendly holding of
hands meant something to me. You should know
that I still wish we could be like
what we used to.

We have been walking to different paths for
a long time now. Funny how you stop
by and make me feel that certain spark
again. But you never stayed longer.

I think I should take a risk. I
should not be afraid of getting hurt. This
yearning would not stop until I learn something.
I am ready to face everything that love
has to offer. So the next time you
stop by, stay longer. Let me cherish that
moment. Let me feel that certain spark longer
than usual.

And if you feel the same, don't go.


  1. lovely. "i think i should take a risk." brave words indeed!

  2. Thank you, Ann Marie! :D

  3. Yes, sometimes, risks are definitely worth taking.
    I loved this post, Debie Grace.
    And I hope this special person stays longer next time...
    Ronnie xo

  4. Thank you, Ronnie! I hope so, too. :)

  5. beautiful beautiful words! Loved reading this!

  6. Thank you! Thank you! :)


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