July 16, 2012

Dear Life, I get it.

Like a ferris wheel ride, life takes a journey filled with thrill, surprises, and adventure. You sit still and brace yourself for the unknown for you will never know what you'll see, and what you have imagined might not be what you will perceive. You can be alone, with a friend or a stranger. You can shout, laugh or stay still. Life then takes you to the highest point. Most of the time, the things that you focus on will become smaller but larger as you go upward -- you see things in a larger scope. The larger it becomes, the more you have to widen your knowledge, the more you understand them as a whole. The higher you go, the more you feel responsible enough for your self.

But it goes down naturally. You can't command it to stay on top. It goes down as how it must be. This time you become familiar with the things that you've seen. That you sometimes forget about their worth -- how they excite you, thrill you, feel to you. You become less appreciative than before. The lower you go, the more scared you are to face the known. To face the same stuff you have seen before; it bores you.

But you have a freedom of choice. A freedom to choose what you want for yourself. A choice between living a boring life or a happy one. You can go for another ride and open yourself for the known but feel it in a different way. Or, you can go for a walk around the park and know the things you've seen from afar but this time closer.

It is really up to you how you want your life to be. And I hope that whatever you choose, you get the same amount of happiness or more. :)


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