May 29, 2012

Summer 2012

This summer is different. I didn't get to have time for friends like usual. It was all about spending time with myself and making stuff that I never get to experience before. For the record, I became a full-time indoors man. It was my choice to stay in for the whole summer. But as someone who usually spends summer outdoors, it was a brave and difficult choice. Thus, I almost gave up. But every time I decide to, I go back to the reasons why I made that choice in the first place.

I wanted to take a break for a while and do some reflection, and test myself if I can survive with doing chores, doing some crafts, writing, reading, gardening and a lot more. The idea is simple but it excites me every time I think about the outcome. I feel like I am putting myself in a test wherein I get to know what I really am in terms of spending time outdoors or indoors. But I just realized now, at the end of summer, that it really isn't about being an outdoors or indoors man at the end of this. What this test taught me is time management and making schedules for the day.

I enjoyed a month staying indoors. I am excited to go for some adventures in the future months. I think that choice, to stay in for a month, is a good decision I made for myself. It was a good sacrifice. And the outcome is great because I get to have a lot of time for myself and I get to know some of the things I can do which I never thought I could. I get to realize some things about friendship, understanding people and stuff mostly about relationships. It was healthy.

Although the days aren't so smooth, I kept myself grounded and kept myself  intact because I knew it won't last that long. In a month, I did have a share of good and bad days. Which made me very thankful because I get to learn from those moments. Thankful because I experienced good things, bad things and both in a day. Thankful because it molded me into something I don't know but I'm fine so it isn't that bad.

It was really a great escape.


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