May 2, 2012

Seen each other in a dream

I am the kind of girl who forgets someone easily especially when I'm introduced to a person and that person hasn't always been there afterwards. And when I get to meet them after months or years, I couldn't remember them at all. Someone (or they) should explain how we were introduced, when and where. I feel bad about this.

There are also times when I thought I knew a certain person but I can't recall being introduced to them. Something inside me tells that I've met this guy/girl somewhere but I can't trace anything. Even my friends don't know them. It's crazy how they look so familiar but then I couldn't just figure out how is that possible.

When something like this happens, I just tell myself that maybe I've seen them in my dreams. :p


  1. I've thought that before too! And maybe, when we have dreams of random friends, they had a dream of us that night? Maybe... :)

  2. It would be cool to have the same dream and talk about it in the morning hahaha :p


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