May 16, 2012

Video: Murmuration

Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.

The magical thing I've ever seen aside from Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis! When I was in high school (the time when I used to watch National Geographic almost every hour of every day), I told myself that I can't die without having witnessed Borealis and Australis or at least one of them! Last year, I think I added Murmuration on my things-to-witness-before-I-die list, which exists only in my head. 

What a beautiful and magical world we have!


  1. I love your sense of wonder!!

  2. You will appreciate life more if you could witness all the beautiful things in it! And this is one of them!

  3. oh, i couldn't believe it the first time i saw this! life is so many things, and "wonderful" and "beautiful" are two of them.

  4. Indeed. It has a lot of surprises! I bet there's a lot more out there. :)


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