May 8, 2012


I was there eating breakfast with some people who talk as if I am not around. They finished their food at the same time and stood altogether as if I am not around. Why do some people treat me this way? I feel like a ghost. Am I dead yet?

You think that the people who have caused you buckets of tears will never do the same after they've asked for forgiveness... you're wrong.

You can't just tell me about how you and your father are fighting when you obviously know I lost mine years ago. Stop crying in front of me and act like such a brat. I am grieving inside more than you do.

People invite you for dinner and then they make you feel like you don't belong. How rude is that?

I have to remind myself to buy plant pots because I borrowed pots from them (because I know they wouldn't even put some plants on it. They're not that kind. They bought it for a party last month.). I wanted to plant some herbs but I couldn't find good pots so I have to borrow some. If I won't buy her new ones, she might make another gossip about it. I know, right? But that's how they roll. So I might as well stop making it happen. Sometimes you have to adjust when you're dealing with difficult people. So relax.


  1. I'm sorry you are grieving and that some of your friends are not very kind. I hope some potted plants will make you feel better and more peaceful. :) xoxo!

  2. Yes, seeing my flowers bloom makes me calm and happy. Thank you :)


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