April 8, 2012

The Walking Dead Challenge

The Walking Dead (30-day, psh screw that) Challenge:

1. Favourite male character. Why?
Rick Grimes. First of all, because he is a sexy Sheriff. He's brave and smart and wise and I like the way he thinks and he considers other people's say on the situation. Also, he knows how to listen, and he's hot.
2. Favourite female character. Why?
At first it was Lori Grimes but she has been acting a little bitchy on the second season. So it would be Andrea because she's tough and a brave girl.
3.  Lori/Shane or Lori/Rick?
Lori/Rick because they look good together despite Lori being such a pain in the ass. Ha!
4. What survivor would you be 100% okay with if they were killed next episode?
T-Dog. or maybe Lori.
5. On a scale of 1-10 how scary do you think the show is?
10, of course. Damn, zombies.
6.  Has there been any specific Walker that scared you the most? Why?
None. All of them looked scary to me. That bicycle zombie didn't scare me much. When I saw her, the first thing that I thought was how superb the production is not how scary she looked.
7.  If you were bit by a Walker, what would you do?
Shoot myself with a gun? I don't know. That's difficult.
8.  If you could have one person on the show as your partner during the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why?
Rick Grimes because, again, he's hot. 
9.  What's your contingency plan in case of a zombie apocalypse?
Get a car, put all necessities (e.g. medicine, bottles of water, some clothes, some food, fuel etc) inside the car, and drive my family away from the city. I don't know where to go though maybe a place where there is only a small population.
10.  What Walker kill scene has been the best? Why?
Season 2, episode 1: Rick and Daryl went to the woods to find Sophia. They saw a Walker nearby and Daryl told Rick (by sign language) to get the attention of the Walker. Daryl went behind and killed the Walker using his crossbow.
 11. Favourite scene. Why?
There are a lot, but the same scene (season 2, episode 1) where Rick and Daryl went to the woods to find Sophia but prior to the killing of the Walker. When they heard a sound, both of them went down at the same time to hide, facing the same direction. It shows that both of them are attentive. I watched that scene repeatedly. I love how they were synchronized. :) 
12.  How does The Walking Dead compare to other shows/movies about zombies?
I can't remember drooling over a very hot cast/s in other zombie shows. Just kidding! TWD is exciting because every character has its own story when you look at them one by one but they seem to understand (somehow) each other when they are together. 
13.  How long would you think you could survive in similar situations?
I don't have a gun nor a crossbow and I don't have the strength to kill other "people". I'm very good at hiding but then hunger will kill me. I think I'm going to die early.
14.  In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you take on the role as a leader like Rick or be more of  a follower?
I am not very good at handling decisions especially when it's about survival as I haven't experienced that (yet, oh no!). Also, I don't think I could handle a group. I'm better off my own.
15.  The scene that was the most unexpected to happen?
That scene where Carl was shot.
16. Pick a weapon: Hand gun or bow and arrow?
Bow and arrow.
17. The most emotional scene?
Where Shane asked what's the difference between man and woman. Just kidding! Of course, when Shane (and others) killed all the Walkers who got out from the barn. And when Sophia got out, everyone were shocked. Rick killed her. And Carol cried so much. I feel very sad about that. (Also, when Dale got killed. Damn it, Carl.)
18. Something you wish a character had done during a particular scene?
I wish Sophia didn't move under the car at all. But then if she didn't, Glenn wouldn't get laid. Hahahahaha whatever.
19.  If there was anyone in the group who you would like to see a zombie, who would it be?
Lori Grimes.
20. Least favorite female character. Why?
I may hate Lori Grimes but she's not my least favorite. It is Carol because I can't see her bravery that much.
21.  Least favorite male character. Why?
T-Dog. He's got less exposure.
22.  What scene has been the most intense and scary for you?
That scene after Carl shot the zombie Shane. Rick and Carl walked towards the house and the camera showed Walkers walking behind them. 
23.  Would you get bit by a Walker in order to save someone you loved and cared about?
24.  Pick a weapon: Chainsaw or baseball bat?
Baseball bat.
25. The character in the group you are most like? Why?
 Andrea. I just want to believe that I am brave like her. :p
26.  Under what circumstance would you not kill a Walker?
Maybe when someone I love turns into a Walker. Just like Morgan. I think that it is very difficult.
27.  A scene where you were like "Oh, hell yeah! That was so cool. Holy shit?"
When Rick, Glenn and Hershel were talking with two other survivors in a bar. That moment when Rick's movement is faster than the other guy's. Awesome.
28.  A scene that made you laugh.
I can't remember any funny scene. But on the last episode of season 2 where Rick asked "Where'd you find everyone?" Daryl answered "Well, those guys' tail lights zigzagging all over the road... figured he has to be Asian, driving like that." 
 29. Your weapon of choice?
Between my two choices above? Bow and arrow or baseball bat? I'd choose bow and arrow.
30. A scene that left you speechless?
Rick and Daryl shaking hands. It shows a sign of trust, and brotherhood.

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