April 26, 2012

Holy Week 2012 - Part IV

On the fourth day, we woke up early so we would have the pool all by ourselves! And so we did!

Just so you know, the road in this place isn't plain. Instead rocky and, most of the time, it's uphill and downhill. Just like that in the photo.

On top of the mountain. It was sunny, perfect for swimming! And, again, we had the place all by ourselves! Yay :)

We had to go downhill to reach the place. So it was like trekking + swimming kind of adventure. Fun.


According to my cousin, the place is still being developed. Maybe in 5 years, this place will be more pretty and developed. Hopefully, I could go back!

Water Lily


The water was so cold! Colder than I expected. We soaked ourselves for half an hour and have to stop because there were kids coming for swimming. Also, because we didn't have breakfast yet! It was six in the morning when we got there. Feeling fresh! :)

I think this place was crowded later that day. It was Easter Sunday so normally people would go out for swimming. I guess, for the locals, they spent it here. :)


  1. Oh those palm trees look divine!! I love your pool photos! They look so fresh and beautiful! Love the splash!

  2. I feel the urge to go back there just looking at these photos! Especially now that the weather is so hot in the city.

  3. Looks heavenly. Must have been amazing to have it all to yourselves!

  4. Yes! It was awesome to have the pool all by ourselves! :)


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