April 4, 2012

I'm a clean-freak and I know it

Cleaning this small pad is the very first thing I do on the first day of school break for 3 years now. Look, the floor says hi. Why do I love cleaning? Aside from being a clean-freak, I enjoy playing my music (while cleaning) so loud the neighbors could hear it. I don't play the ones that I know older people won't like so it isn't really a problem for them, I guess. :P


  1. Beautiful place! I love a clean house, but *sometimes* don't like cleaning! Any tips for enjoying it more? :)

  2. I'll tell you my secret. The night before I intend to clean a place, I make a collection/mix of songs that I really want to sing out loud and be excited about it. So the next morning, I will be hyped to clean the place. Also, people won't mind seeing you sing and dance while cleaning, I think. Hahaha


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