April 21, 2012

Holy Week 2012 - Part I

April 5, Holy Thursday -- it was a day of travel to the farm. The streets weren't so busy, it was quiet and sunny. We traveled in the afternoon. Aside from food and music (I made a mix for this travel an hour before we left) to keep me sane in the road, the view outside my window made my mind wander away.

I especially enjoyed the transition of views from different buildings in the city to wide area of farms along the road. Also, I witnessed the sun go down as the moon slowly shows up in the sky. And when you seldom see any other cars in the road, you know you are very far away from the city.

We got there around six in the evening. And the moon reminded me of the eerie stories we've shared the last time I was there (it was Holy Week of last year). I've had some adventures for this year's Holy Week. I am very happy that I survived five days without  internet and cellphone. I'm going to share all the things I did each day in different posts soon. :)

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