April 30, 2012

Mango Float (Brojas)

Okay, I know this recipe is overrated and almost everyone in this planet knows how to make this. Isn't it obvious that I can't find anything else to write about? Hahaha Anyway, I'm sharing this because I got positive feedback from people during my nephew's 2nd birthday! :)

Mix Nestle All Purpose Cream and Condensed Milk according to your level of sweetness.
We used Brojas from Merco instead of Grahams.
Of course, choose sweet mangoes!
First level: Line up brojas.
Second level: mangoes

Third level: cream and milk mixture.
For the last level: I poured some crushed Brojas.
I repeated it twice so I had two sets of levels 1 to 3. After that I poured crushed Brojas.

Wrap it and put it inside the freezer. Serve cold. Best served with Tequila.
 I forgot to take a photo of the finished product! I was busy getting drunk with friends. Just kidding, it wasn't too much :p

April 29, 2012

I Believe I Can Fly

I have experienced jumping off a 12-ft high cliff but these French skydivers are so amazing. Insane! I adore their bravery so much. I wish I could dare myself to do this but it may take me hours to go. Hahaha!

April 26, 2012

Holy Week 2012 - Part IV

On the fourth day, we woke up early so we would have the pool all by ourselves! And so we did!

Just so you know, the road in this place isn't plain. Instead rocky and, most of the time, it's uphill and downhill. Just like that in the photo.

On top of the mountain. It was sunny, perfect for swimming! And, again, we had the place all by ourselves! Yay :)

We had to go downhill to reach the place. So it was like trekking + swimming kind of adventure. Fun.


According to my cousin, the place is still being developed. Maybe in 5 years, this place will be more pretty and developed. Hopefully, I could go back!

Water Lily


The water was so cold! Colder than I expected. We soaked ourselves for half an hour and have to stop because there were kids coming for swimming. Also, because we didn't have breakfast yet! It was six in the morning when we got there. Feeling fresh! :)

I think this place was crowded later that day. It was Easter Sunday so normally people would go out for swimming. I guess, for the locals, they spent it here. :)

April 25, 2012

Holy Week 2012 - Part III

My cousin, Melanie, came over the second day even if it was raining in the evening. She came because she will take me to their place again this year the next morning. I told her that I found a good spot a few distance away from the house. So on the next day, we woke up early to catch the sun rise. There I was again but this time it was even more beautiful because it wasn't cloudy.

A view of Mount Apo -- the tallest mountain in the Philippines. It's been three years since I wanted to climb it. Someday soon. :)
Melanie's silhouette
Playing with sun flares
Hauntingly beautiful

Yes to life!

 On out way back, we spotted a kid. M-e-e-e-e-e-h!
Peanuts and biko
Eating orange while reading a book.

Melanie and I walked around the place. This time not in the woods but along the road. I wanted to go back to the place where they make Loofahs. I thought this time I have to buy it because I wasn't with my cousin who is well-known here but the old man who sells these asked me where I was staying and he gave me some for free. I took 6 pieces (good for a year supply?). :p

A smiling goat on Holy Friday
By the way, it took us two hours walking back and forth. Wow! On our way back, I spotted a goat that's sitting on a big rock. I didn't notice it was smiling until I transferred the photos in my computer. Hahaha!

Around 11 in the morning, Melanie and I decided to leave for Calcal which is an hour away from Lamanan. I like it there because the weather is cold. She took me to a place where there are pools with flowing water in it. The locals enjoy staying in here. I don't think there are plenty of places like this in a farm. It was awesome!

Ate Mila, me and Melanie

 We swam into the pool for about 10 minutes and decided to come again early in the morning so we will be the first one to swim into it! We decided to walk from the pool to their house but some good fellow let us ride his motorcycle. It was a rocky road.

It was a gloomy afternoon
I want to share some eerie stories about walking at night but nah. :p

 One of the things I get excited about living in a farm is eating freshly picked fruits! :)
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